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Shaman King Part 3 Confirms Netflix Release Date Status in New Trailer

The wait finally came to an end when Netflix has specified the release date of Shaman King’s upcoming story. The story of adventure presented in Shaman King is adapted from the manga of the same name. Netflix teased the audience with the release date for the next part of the Shaman King episodes, which heightened fans’ excitement. 

The anime television series produced by NAS with the collaboration of Xebec aired on TV Tokyo for 64 episodes. Now, the story is heading towards an interesting plotline, which has continuously engaged the audience. Shaman King’s new anime has been one of the most intriguing to watch develop this year. 

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The next batch of episodes has arrived. This time, fans will be expecting the story to be related to manga, as the previous batch was not properly connected with the source. Now the question is when fans will get the next installment of the tale. Netflix has officially confirmed that the series will continue in January 2022. The wait will only be for one day, as it will be released on January 13, 2022. Let’s take a look at the Shaman King Part 3 details below.

Shaman King Part 3 Confirms Netflix Release Date 

The unique storyline of Shaman King Part 2 has wowed the audience. This is the primary reason for the long wait for the upcoming episodes. Finally, the new episodes of the series are set to provide the audience with an enthralling ride. 

Shaman King Part 3

It seems like this time, Netflix intends to take the story to new heights. The audience admired the plotline when Part 2 arrived in 2021. To maintain the

excitement of the fans, Netflix officially confirmed that the story will continue on 13, January 2022. The upcoming episodes will be met with the same expectations. Soon, you will learn about the 37th and 28th episodes’ stories.

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In August 2021, Netflix released its first official episode worldwide. It received its first anime adaptation in 2001. Because of the manga’s ongoing continuations at the time, it was forced to diverge from its source material. However, this time the manga fans won’t be disappointed, as the story will surely relate to Takei’s world.

Shaman King Part 3 Trailer

With the official trailer, Netflix teased the audience for the coming story. The trailer bound the audience to wait for the supernatural world of the drama. You can check out the trailer here. Fans are beyond excited to meet Osorezan Revoir, Netflix’s most beautiful saga.

Shaman King Part 3 Plot

The details of the upcoming part have not been revealed, but it is expected that the story will work closely with the manga this time. As a result, fans of popular manga can relive their memories through the episodes

The origin tale of the Shaman King is fascinating. “Every five hundred years, the Shaman War renowned championship pits shamans from all over the world against one another, and the winner is crowned Shaman King as a reward.” The current holder of this title can summon the Brilliant Essence and influence the world as they see fit.

You can watch the episodes the next day. Do not forget to share your reviews with us. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite stories.

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