Shanon Sharpe Net Worth: Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Does Not Have Faith In His QB

Every football fan is well aware that Shanon Sharpe is a former football tight end who has played the sport for a very long time. He was fond of football because he is the brother of NFL star Sterling Sharpe.

He started his football career by playing for college football teams and won several scholarships. After he became widely recognised, he was selected in the NFL and became one of the most appreciated tight end of all time.  In this article we will discuss everything we know about Shanon Sharpe Net Worth.

Shanon Sharpe Net Worth

Shannon Sharpe, a former tight end with the American football team, has an estimated net worth of $14 million. Over the course of 14 seasons, Shannon played tight end for the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League.

After becoming the first tight end in NFL history to reach 10,000 receiving yards, and winning three Super Bowls, he is widely regarded as one of the best tight ends of all time. Sharpe joined CBS as a sports analyst after retiring, and he and Skip Bayless now co-host Fox Sports 1’s “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed.” Shannon made about $22 million in his NFL career.

Shanon Sharpe Net Worth
Shanon Sharpe Net Worth

Shanon Sharpe Claims Jerry Jones Is Not Confident In His QB

Jerry Jones is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. He doesn’t worry much about spending money. He plans to acquire star players in the hopes of ending his team’s twenty-plus year wait for a Super Bowl title. You may also look at Taylor Lautner Net Worth.

During the playoffs, they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round but were eliminated by the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round. As time has passed, the Cowboys have undergone major roster alterations.

Each position coach was let go last week, and this week, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore also left Dallas. According to Jones, McCarthy will be in charge of calling offensive plays for the team next season. He further stated his faith in quarterback Dak Prescott, crediting him as the driving force behind the team’s success.

NFL Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe discussed the Cowboys’ predicament on Thursday’s episode of “Undisputed” on FS1. According to him, Jones doesn’t have faith in Prescott. Possibly of interest to you Bill Murray Net Worth.

He claimed that Jones wouldn’t have mentioned drafting a quarterback this year if he really believed that. Sharpe made the point that if Jones was so sure of himself, he wouldn’t have expressed regret about not drafting a quarterback in the past few years.

He stated, “But Jerry said a lot of things in his interview. About how they’re going to draft a quarterback but he has the upmost confience in Dak and the ‘reason why we were here is becuase of Dak.’ But, ‘I hate the fact that we didn’t take a quarterback over the last couple of years’. That don’t sound like a guy that’s really confident in his quarterback.”

Sharpe observed that Jones has often argued that the NFL teams that have been contenders and made it to the Super Bowl in recent seasons have invested in their players. According to him, Jerry Jones has been trying to make it work for about 28 years now.

He keeps insisting that, over the past few years, we’ve seen numerous competitors put vast resources into victory. “Jerry, you keep developing players and in 28 years you haven’t been back to the NFC Championship game.”

It will be interesting to observe what the Dallas Cowboys do in the upcoming months leading up to the NFL Draft and how that affects the future of the team. Have a look at Antonio Margarito Net Worth.

Who Could Be The Next OC For The Dallas Cowboys?

It has been reported that the Dallas Cowboys are looking to replace their offensive coordinator. There are a handful of candidates who could successfully replace Kellen Moore. Since offensive plays will now be called by head coach Mike McCarthy, the team might choose a less experienced coordinator who could learn on the job.

Thomas Brown, who worked as an assistant coach for the Los Angeles Rams last year, is reportedly being interviewed by Dallas. Former Carolina Panthers running backs coach Jeff Nixon is also reportedly in the running for the job. You may also be interested to read Sam Donaldson Net Worth.

According to reports, Dallas is also interested in Kliff Kingsbury, the former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. However, it is unclear if he is prepared to take on another coaching role. In the following weeks or months, we will find out who Jones chooses to hire.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Shanon Sharpe Net Worth. He has earned an enormous amount of wealth throughout his professional life. He was ranked third in the list of most notable tight ends. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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