Shaun White Net Worth Makes Him the World’s Richest Snowboarder—Here’s His Olympics Salary

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing this amazing snowboarder who has been a fan favorite for a long period of time. Shaun White has been a champion of Olympian and he has won the Championship 5 times in total winning three gold medals. He also became a great role model in sports by winning most of the gold medals in the ESPN games and having a snowboarding legacy and endorsements. His net worth is around $65 million according to celebrities.

Snowboarding was first introduced as an important sport in the Olympics. It was started in 1988 at the Nagano Games and has gained a lot of attention since then. With time it became a very exciting and very highly anticipated sport in the Olympics.

Shaun had a great interest in participating in this event and had completed his first winter Olympics in Italy in 2006. That following year he won the gold in halfpipe. And his features such as having long red hair had given him the name of “The flying tomato” by the fans. He was only 19 years of age and had been selected for the next winter Olympics which was planned further.

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Everything You Need to Know About Olympic Snowboarder Shaun White

Shaun won the match once again and took the gold medal back home once again in the Vancouver games held in 2010. He had gained the highest score in the halfpipe and with such a high score he didn’t even need the second round scores to be at the top of the game.

He completed the force on a disappointing note in 2014 and didn’t win any medal at the Sochi games later on he had a huge comeback for the gold medal at PyeongChang Winter Olympics held in 2018 and he took the gold Once Again back home after 12 years for the first time. The final Olympic game he played for gold was on 10th February 2022 at the Beijing games and this game was also the last game of his entire career.

With such an immense talent Shaun has always been sponsored in various campaigns since seven years of age. After winning various medals in many games since 2002 and winning his first gold medal in the games of 2006 it was reported by Forbes magazine that his Net worth was $9 million dollars in 2008 from endorsements alone. In such a long run he had dealt with many companies such as Red Bull, Oakley, American Express, and a lot more.

Shaun White Net Worth
Shaun White Net Worth

Shaun had initially invested in various real estate and continuously bought and sold properties for many years. As per money magazine he had a condo in Park City Utah along with that he had a Malibu home at picturesque Point Dume which he had bought for a total of $10.75 million and he also had purchased various homes which he had kept rent for $17500 per month at that time he even bought a home of $1.6 million dollars in Hollywood Hills.

However, Shaun had sold many of his properties which also included the Mansion in Hollywood Hills he stole that mention to Robert Herjavec for $6.7 million in 2018 and he had also Sold His penthouse which was in New York City for $3 million in 2021. He went on and off in the market for many years.

Shaun became a Ski businessman in 2016 after he purchased a small stake in Mammoth resorts. He had invested an amount in seven digits as per the reports and was very much dedicated and moving forward with his new business.

His company is still in operation in California’s Mammoth mountain which is located in Nevada and he also has two other California Sky Resorts, Bear Mountain and Snow summits. He has practiced all the time he got to get his business into peak and worked on it.

So this is everything you need to know about Shaun white and do not forget to comment down below your thoughts regarding his net worth. Till then stay tuned with us with all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters. 

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