She-hulk’s New MCU Origins Redefine the Hulk’s Endgame Story

All the superhero fans were waiting for the clips for so long. Now, it is here. MCU fans got their first look at action hero attorney Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, AKA Bruce Banner’s- the Hulk’s cousin and the protagonist star of the streaming series set to premiere in 2022 on November 12.

The very first She-Hulk preview teases Jennifer Walters’ origin story, which might retcon Smart Hulk’s Avengers: Endgame story. The audience is enthralled after watching. As a part of Disney+ Day 2021, Marvel Studios released the very first footage from the forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe show.

The small glance of Tatiana Maslany’s depiction of the action hero lawyer would include a tickle of Mark Ruffalo’s come back as Bruce Banner and Smart Hulk.

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As the Infinity Saga drew to a close and Phase 4 began, Hulk’s MCU journey took a few unexpected turns. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hulk was mostly in charge, whereas in Avengers: Infinity War, the Green Goliath retreated after being beaten down by Thanos. It is not until the five-year time jump in Avengers: Endgame that Bruce Banner and Hulk united Smart Hulk. 

she hulk
she hulk

Even though his arm was seriously damaged, this version of Hulk was allowed to use the Infinity Stones to bring it all back from Thanos’ snap. He wore a sling at the end of the film, and Ruffalo’s surprise return in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings showed Smart Hulk reverting to Bruce Banner’s human form. This begged the question of Smart Hulk’s origin story and how it related to She-MCU Hulk’s origin.

She-Hulk First Look

The she-Hulk teaser trailer, Jennifer Walters’ transition will retcon Hulk’s Avengers: Endgame story in some way. This is predicated on the brief appearance of Smart Hulk in the clips. He is in a lab with Jennifer in a containment unit, apparently testing what causes her She-Hulk transition. 

Smart Hulk appears to be in good health in this scene, as his right arm is undamaged. Assuming this was not one of the MCU’s tricky trailer manipulation techniques, it points to one of two Smart Hulk retcons. His presence as part of She-origin Hulk’s would imply that he had been either involved in Jennifer’s transitions during Avengers: Endgame or that Bruce may indeed find some way to repair his shoulder after the film and Shang-Chi. It seems like the story has a lot to come back to the original form. 

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