Sheff G Release Date: When Will He Be Freed?

The importance of Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow to the New York drill, and by extension, the Brooklyn drill, cannot be overstated. These two rappers were pioneers of the genre before it exploded beyond New York and the East Coast.

They kept generating headlines with an ever-increasing output, but they’ve recently hit some legal issues, slowing them down. Since June of 2021, both Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow have been incarcerated.

While behind the pris0n, Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G continued dominating the rap world with several successful releases. Aside from Sleepy Hallow’s hits like “Marie,” Sheff G also issued a 12-song collection titled From The Can, on which Sleepy Hallow, A Boogie, and other artists appeared.

Sheff G Release Date

Even though they’re behind bars, they’ve been promoting their Winners Circle record label. When Sheff G and Sleepy return home, expect some significant preparations to begin. For Hallow Sleep, there’s no place like home. After serving seven months for a firearms charge from an arrest in February 2022, Sheff G revealed that Sleepy Hallow was released from pris0n.

The “Die Young” rapper was shown in a video he posted on Instagram celebrating his release from pris0n by popping open a gold bottle. A “[Sleepy Hallow] home,” as Sheff G captioned the clip. “Free me, free the guys,” I’ll say next.


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Sheff G was @rrested in New York City for breaking bail conditions and second-degree g*n p0ssession. The rapper’s court date has been set for August 2021. Two months later, he admitted guilt and was given a two-year pris0n sentence.

Sheff G will hopefully be able to join Sleepy Hallow in the coming months. Even though they have maintained a hip-hop presence while behind bars, fans are still anxious for new songs from them. There’s a chance Sleepy will release a reworked Cappella version of “First Day Out” shortly.

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