Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date Status is Confirmed

Welcome back fam! So where are all the animated fans? Today we have some interesting news about these anime lovers all around the world.  If you are a popular anime watcher then you would be very much interested to know what I have for you today.

All the viewers of this famous anime series the rising of Shield Hero are going to be thrilled after knowing that the second season will be back real soon. The initial release date that the makers have announced earlier for this series has been delayed by a bit. Yes! you heard it right.

This series has been delayed a bit. So if you are wondering what is going to be the new release date of the show keep on reading further as we have got you covered with all the updates about the release date and other necessary details about the show. 

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The Rising of the Shield Hero is a popular Japanese Manga adaptation that was initially released in the year 2019. The second and third part of this series was released in the month of September of the same year. However, the upcoming season for the series was announced to be released last year in 2021. 

And thus all the fans from all over the world were waiting for The Adventures of Naofumi. Later on, it was confirmed that in October of 2021 the rising of the shield Hero was going to be back with the second season.

But due to pandemics, the actual release date got delayed a lot.  The production of the series has been a lot delayed because of covid in Japan. According to the recent reports that have been reported that season 2 for The Rising of the shield hero is going to be released anytime after April 2022. 

Everything You Indeed to Know About The Shield Hero Season 2

The Shield Hero is basically the Anime version of Manga which has the exact Similar name as the show.  This anime was adapted from the LN which was written by Aneko Yusagi. The director of the second season of the show is Masato Jibo.

The director for the first season of the show was Takao Abo. The music composition for the second season of the series was managed by Keigo Koyanagi. The characters for the show were introduced and made by Mashiro Suwa. Also, the show was produced by Glovision.


This particular series is basically based on the story of a typical Japanese was named Naofumi Iwatani. This Main character of the story got reincarnated in some other universe so that he could fight some dangerous interdimensional devils.

He was further accompanied by his demi-human slaves Filo and Raphtalia. When he first got transformed he was made fun of by all the other citizens and Heroes of that place. After he got betrayed by Malty Melromarc, He began his journey with his companions. This story is all about them becoming the Cardinal hero of a different universe. 

In the upcoming season, we are most likely to see Naofumi, along with his companions Filo and Raphtalia to be meeting A lot of new acquaintances and friends. So do not forget to watch the first series if you haven’t as yet and we will keep this column updated for any further updates provided by the makers of the show.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 Released Date

The studio along with the producers of the show have announced that they are trying their level best to release the second season of the rising of the shield Hero in April 2022. However, if something comes up again they will keep us updated for any further delays. So till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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