Sid Toy Story: Release Date Status, Confirmed?

Welcome back fam! Today we are here discussing one of the famous Series of Pixars that is Toy Story. This series is enjoyed by children and teenagers as well. All the fans of this series would know who are all the Famous characters of the series that including Buzz Lightyear, Jessies Rex, Woody, Bo Peep, and Aliens who had made some appearances in the entire Toy Story series.

Out of all these popular characters, Sid becomes the most popular character of this story, even after being a side character of the story initially. His specific roles in parts one and three of Toy Story had gained a lot of love from the fans and had also gained a lot of sympathy from the audience.

This in turn had given him the opportunity to have a story of his own.  And with such a popular demand the makers had finally decided to have a Sid Toy Story.  So keep on reading further as it gets interesting to know what we have collected for you about this amazing story.

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Sid Toy Story Release Date

As Toy Story was a very popular movie the Story of Sid also got popular with time.  and this had led to a lot of speculations about the upcoming Sid toy story. But unfortunately, it has not been confirmed by any sources yet.  Until and unless an official announcement is made by the makers of the show the release date for the upcoming show is not yet confirmed.

Sid Toy Story Cast 

The director of Toy Story is John Lasseter. This movie is an animated story and the cast of the entire story is presented by all the voices given by all the famous artists.  If it’s Toy Story ever come into action then we are expecting to see all the original actors back in the movie. 

It is more likely that the cost will include the original cast members who they had initially for this Toy Story that includes Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Don Rickles, John Morris, Tom Hanks, Wallace Shawn, Erik Detten, Jim Varney,  Annie Potts, and Laurie Metcalf. The voice for the main character that is set will be given by Erik Detten.


Sid Toy Story
Sid Toy Story

Sid Toy Story Plot 

The first part of Toy Story was premiered in 1995 and after that, this movie has a total of three parts.  The recent release of the story is Toy Story 4 which was premiered on 21st June 2019.  The 1st part of the story was around a cowboy doll who was threatened when a new Space toy tried to remove him from his best friend’s room.

The second story was premiered on 24th November 1999 that shows a story of the rescue mission in which Woody would be stolen by a toy collector. And a rescue mission was then led by Buzz who helped Woody out of this situation.

The third part of Toy Story was premiered on 18th June 2010 it is dependent on a situation where all the toys were donated by Andy to a daycare center while he would be preparing to leave his college. The fourth season of Toy Story was premiered on 21st June 2019 where we saw the reunion of all the toys.  In this movie, we would see that all the toys such as Lightyear and Woody would be comfortable to be living with Bonnie

Later on, in the story, we have seen that Bonnie created a new toy from the recycled materials present with him.  At the end of the movie, Woody reunites with Bo peep, and further had to decide where his actual loyalty goes. 

Mostly the plot revolves around Sid and Woody in which Sid would be the side character of the story.  If Sid toy story is going to be premiered any time soon then it is definitely going to have a huge fan base.

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In the actual Toy Story Sid was someone who loves to torture other toys by cutting them or by burning them in the fire which also looked like a Nightmare for all the audience watching the show.  Later on, Woody scared Sid by showcasing him, that they all are alive, and with this, he ran away without making any other appearance until the third part of the Toy Story.

However, in Toy Story 3 the audience thought that the garbage man was Sid.  The reason behind this assumption was that he had the skull in his t-shirt. Later on, it was seen that said as a garbage man had a lot of fan theories. Out of which the most popular one was Sid had actually become a garbage man after realizing that all the toys are alive.

The actual twist in this story is that Sid chose this job to collect discarded toys and he wanted to believe that these toys are no more alive. Later on, it was seen that Sid used to carry garbage and get the discarded toys and get it together as he had creative input in this. In Toy Story 3 Sid was given a sad look as he was trying to undo all the mistakes he had done in the past and that connected with the audience a lot.

Sid Toy Story Trailer

After hearing the popular fan theories the producer of Toy Story 4 Jonas Rivera, Said that all the theories were very impressive and maybe he might confirm about this upcoming story.  However he, later on, confirm that all the theories are not right about this character. 

And as no official announcement has been made by the makers of the show yet regarding this showed no trailer for the show has been revealed yet.  But we will keep you updated if any information is shared with others till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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