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Siesta Key season 5 episode 2 is back on MTV this week with new drama, relationships, and rumors. The reality show Siesta Key, set in the Keys of Florida and shown on MTV, has returned for a second season. Siesta Key Season 5  Episode 2 premieres tonight, and it begins with Juliette departing for Miami and increasingly isolating herself from her friends. With Episode 2 of Season 5 premiering tonight (November 3) at 9 p.m. on MTV, fans can rest assured that the new season will live up to all of the drama and sadness expectations they’ve grown to have.

Siesta Key season 5 episode 2 will run on Thursday, November 3 at 8 p.m. ET. Each subsequent Thursday at the same time, new episodes will be released. So, fans should rest assured that they will be watching a new episode every Thursday.

In addition, subscribers to streaming services like Philo and fuboTV, which both offer free trials to new users, can rewatch the complete of each season of their favorite dramas.

siesta key season 5 episode 2
siesta key season 5 episode 2

When the season begins, the cast will be in Miami instead of Sarasota, where things are guaranteed to become interesting and thrilling. Fans will be able to witness some thrilling drama.  The new episode “You Are in a Huge Pond Now” focuses on Juliette’s continued isolation of Chloe and Amanda as JMP the Label develops, Sam’s divided focus between Meghan’s ultimatum and Jordana’s BBL, and Brandon’s opportunity to impress a music industry veteran.

Please find below information regarding the most recent drama airing this Thursday.

How Can I Watch Siesta Key Season 5 Episode 2 If I Don’t Have Cable?

If you don’t have cable, you can still watch your favorite shows using services like Philo and fuboTV. Customers who are interested in either streaming service can try it out risk-free for a whole week.

How Does FuboTV Work?

FuboTV provides access to over one hundred channels, including sports, news, entertainment, and local stations, via an internet-based, over-the-top live TV streaming service.

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