Singapore EV Sharing Startup BlueSG Installs New 140 Charging Points to Public

Electric car-sharing company BlueSG has installed another 140 charging points throughout Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority carparks to its grid of 99 charging points that are open to all EV owners.

Marking its second anniversary, the firm stated Thursday that this would bring the range of charging points open to all EV owners in Singapore.

To make use of its charging points, a car owner has to pay a one-time fee of $20.

Usage charges are $1 per hour for the first three hours and $2 per hour for subsequent hours.

The French operator has 1,207 charging factors right here across 304 areas. They’re used by its fleet of 660 electric subcompact cars.

Since its set up two years ago, the car-sharing scheme has attracted over 55,000 members who currently generate around 40,000 rentals a month – up from 15,000 a year earlier.

The fleet has clocked over 8 million km since.

It’s on track to expand its line to 1,000 automobiles, and grow the charging network to 2,000 points through 2020.

Besides, to mark its second anniversary, BlueSG launched two new subscription packages on Thursday: a Premium six-month membership plan costing $18 a month with a rental rate of 33 cents per minute, and 45 minutes of free rental per thirty days; and a Primary plan with no commitment, costing $8 per 30 days with a rental rate of 33 cents a minute.

Managing director Franck Vitte stated the new plans are in response to “growing demand from our clients for more flexibility”.

He stated the plans are targeted at “those who don’t need to commit and still benefit from the lowest rental price, or for the more regular customers who can get free rentals.”


Margaret Peterson

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