Smoke from western fires visible in Quebec

The massive wildfires in the west were felt as far as Quebec on Tuesday, when their smoke was visible in the sky.

Posted on September 15, 2020 at 3:25 PM

Stephanie Marin
The Canadian Press

In the greater Montreal area, the sky appeared cloudy in the morning, when in fact there were no clouds, said Environment Canada meteorologist Simon Legault in an interview: “The sky was perfectly clear. ”

The smoke from the burning of wood from trees in California and Oregon could be seen all over southern Quebec, as far as the Gaspé. According to Mr. Legault, who studied satellite maps, only spared the Côte-Nord region.

The smoke, however, was far from that which had been choking the American west coast for the past few days, giving an unreal smell to the sky, sometimes all orange.

Smoke that was carried about 4000 kilometers.

“There are still a lot of forest fires at the moment, so this smoke is sent into the atmosphere in a fairly significant way, with a large volume, and transported by atmospheric currents. ”

The plume of smoke is hanging up, the meteorologist reports.

“We don’t smell the smoke, but it is getting darker, obscuring the air. ”

And fine ash particles don’t affect ground air quality in regions of Quebec, he says. At least not at the moment.

Mr. Legault expects smoke to hang in the sky until Wednesday evening.

And since the fires in the West are powerful and don’t seem ready to be extinguished, there could be more smoke episodes in the coming weeks.

It is quite rare for smoke to be transported so efficiently and so densely in our regions, he says.

“And that suggests how disastrous the situation is. ”

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