Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2023: Why He Talks About Retirement?

William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. was born on February 19, 1940, in the seedy Brewster ghetto, a run-down and generally hazardous area of Detroit, Michigan. He said in Rolling Stone that these black musicians were “the first motivating thing I had.”

When Robinson’s mother passed away when he was ten years old, his sister Geraldine took him in and raised him alongside her 10 children. Robinson spent his formative years penning songs and performing in local bands while coming from a modest but close-knit household.

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Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2023

American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, producer, and former record executive Smokey Robinson have a $150 million net worth. Robinson is credited with creating the distinctive Motown sound, which rose to fame from the 1950s through the 1970s. The Miracles, a vocal group that enjoyed enormous popularity during the Motown era, included Smokey as a crucial member. Robinson developed a prosperous solo career after leaving this trio. He served as Motown Records’ vice president in addition. Smokey Robinson received his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1987.

Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2023

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Smokey Robinson Talks About Retirement, I Attempted To Do That Already, But It Didn’t Give Me The Results I Wanted

Smokey Robinson has been in the music industry for many years, and he is still working on new music. At the MusiCares Persons of the Year celebration held before the 2023 Grammy Awards, Berry Gordy, 93, the founding father of Motown, and Motown legend Smokey Robinson, 82, received recognition. Robinson stated to Fox News Digital that he does not see himself retiring anytime soon. He told Fox News Digital, “I don’t plan on it anytime soon. “I’ve tried that before, you know. It didn’t work for me either. So, I’m here.”


While acting as Motown’s vice president in 1972, Robinson took a brief hiatus from his profession to focus on raising his children with his then-wife Claudette. In 1973, Robinson would make a comeback and released his popular album “Smokey.” Robinson claims that sharing the MusiCares Person of the Year award with Gordy was a feat beyond what the two men could have imagined. “Berry and I frequently discuss this. We never dared to imagine that it would develop into what it has globally, “He discussed Motown’s influence on music.

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