Will There Be a Season 3 of Snow White With The Red Hair?

A fantasy romance anime called Snow White With the Red Hair’s second season has been out for five years. A “happy but open” conclusion to Season 2 in 2016 left fans clamoring for more. Shirayuki and Prince Zen’s love story has yet to be fully told, raising the possibility of a Season 3 in the making.

Take a look at this anime and see if Snow White With the Red Hair could get an anticipated third season.


The Plot of Snow White With The Red Hair

The fantasy romance shojo series Snow White With The Red Hair by Sorata Akizuki features Shirayuki and her connection with Prince Zen. Shirayuki’s red hair is a distinguishing feature of her appearance. It attracts the attention of Tanbarun’s Prince Raj, who offers her the position as his concubine.

Shirayuki makes her way to Clarines, a neighboring kingdom, where she meets Prince Zen Wistaria, who helps her escape. He aids Shirayuki in her escape from Prince Raj’s concubine proposal, and she then decides to relocate to Clarines and become a court herbalist.

Shirayuki and Zen eventually fall in love, despite the disapproval of others due to their socioeconomic differences.

snow white with the red hair season 3
snow white with the red hair season 3

There are currently 24 volumes of Snow White With the Red Hair in publication, with 17 of those volumes being released in English translation by Viz Media. It was made into an anime in 2015 by Studio BONES, which so far has produced two seasons of 12 episodes each.

Both the subtitled and dubbed versions of the show were licensed by Funimation. In addition, a separate OVA adaptation of three manga chapters was released.

Release Date for Snow White With The Red Hair Season 3

Season 3 of Snow White with the Red Hair has yet to be announced. Even if the show was loved by viewers, it’s probable that the first two seasons plus the OVA didn’t make enough money from Blu-ray and DVD sales to warrant a continuation.

It’s also possible that the third season of Snow White with the Red Hair was pushed aside by Studio BONES’ as they were focusing on providing seasonal material for other popular shows like My Hero Academia and Bungo Stray Dogs.

Shirayuki and Zen’s relationship is still developing in the manga, so there is still more to tell. Volume 8 of the manga has only been partially adapted into the anime.

In the unlikely event of a third season, viewers may expect to learn more about Shirayuki and Ryuu’s travel to the Kingdom of Clarines’ northern territories, where they will begin researching and developing new herbs.

Although there is no word about Season 3, Snow White With the Red Hair has not been officially canceled. As a result, there is still hope for the fans.

Trailer for Snow White With The Red Hair Season 3

Since the show hasn’t been renewed yet, there is no trailer available for season 3. In the meantime, if you haven’t watched the trailer for season 2, you can check it out below.

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