Snowfall Season 5: Damson Idris Achieves a Major Rating Achievement!

We already know that Snowfall season 5 episode 4 will air on FX tomorrow night, but why not have a little fun in advance of that?

A new tweet from Damson Idris, star of the show, confirmed that it is the network’s most-watched show, attracting nearly 5 million viewers every week. Snowfall’s journey has been an amazing one from the beginning.

To begin with, it was a low-key affair, with the late, great John Singleton serving as the show’s unsung hero. When Idris came into its own now, we saw a sophisticated, rich, and full of amazing characters narrative being built here.

Snowfall Season 5
Snowfall Season 5

A new video of snowfall has been released! Take a look at our thoughts on this week’s episode below. Keep coming back for more updates after every episode by SUBSCRIBING TO MATT & JESS on YouTube.

Is it possible for the show to maintain a steady stream of viewers week after week? Given how many people are still discovering it, this isn’t surprising to us. As Franklin attempts to establish his business and empire, there is still a lot of huge narratives to tell.

After all of this, why hasn’t Season 6 been renewed yet? For the record, we definitely believe that it will happen, but for some reason, FX has decided to keep us waiting for a lot longer. As long as they announce it in the coming weeks, we shouldn’t have to wait more than a year to watch new episodes.

What Would You Like to See in the Future of Snowfall Season 5?

It’s wonderful that this show has finally been recognized for what it is. Tell us about it in the comments section below! Once you’ve done that, be sure to check back for future updates.

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