Society of the Snow Netflix Release Date: Is Society of the Snow Based on a Book?

“Belief opens the door to miracles.” The forthcoming survival drama Society of the Snow marks the long-awaited return of award-winning filmmaker J. A. Bayona to the Spanish-language movie landscape.

The film is an adaptation of Pablo Vierci’s factual book about the 1972 Andes flight catastrophe, in which a few of Uruguayan rugby players survived 72 days of brutal torture, starvation, and treacherous mountainous weather. The fact that 16 out of 45 passengers were rescued is a miracle in and of itself, and the accident has frequently been hailed as such.

Everything that is known about Society of the Snow at this point is that they intend to attend the 2024 Academy Awards.

Society of the Snow Netflix Release Date

Society of the Snow had a December 15 theatrical debut and a January 4, 2024, Netflix premiere. Spain will send this film to the Oscars in 2024 to represent the country.

Have You Seen the ‘Society of the Snow’ Teaser?

Society of the Snow’s first official teaser trailer debuted on August 24 on Netflix. into just over a minute long, it offers little more than a sneak peek into the film’s horrific plot.

Society of the Snow’s second teaser trailer was posted on Netflix on October 20. This brief footage vividly portrays the contrast between the joy and anxiety felt by the Uruguayan rugby team, the Old Christians Club, as they board Flight 571 and the imminent crash. There is complete silence in the moments leading up to the plane’s crash in the Andes. The accident has hushed any indications of disturbance, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the horrific consequences that will ensue.

Netflix posted the complete trailer for Society of the Snow online on November 27, 2023.

Society of the Snow Cast

Society of the Snow Cast

Members of the Society of the Snow ensemble playing the role of survivors are as follows:

  • Enzo Vogrincic Roldán (Yosi, the Regretful Spy) as Numa Turcatti
  • Matías Recalt (Apache: The Life of Carlos Tevez) as Roberto Canessa
  • Agustín Pardella as Nando Parrado
  • Tomas Wolf as Gustavo Zerbino
  • Diego Vegezzi (Toublanc) as Marcelo Pérez
  • Esteban Kukuriczka (Habitación Disponible) as Adolfo “Fito” Strauch
  • Francisco Romero as Daniel Fernández Strauch
  • Rafael Federman (The Sleepwalkers) as Eduardo Strauch
  • Felipe González Otaño (Young Hunter) as Carlitos Páez
  • Agustín Della Corte as Antonio “Tintín” Vizintín
  • Valentino Alonso (Once) as Alfredo “Pancho” Delgado
  • Simón Hempe (Intertwined) as José Luis “Coche” Inciarte
  • Fernando Contigiani García (Argentina, 1985) as Arturo Nogueira
  • Benjamín Segura as Rafael “el Vasco” Echavarren
  • Rocco Posca (Bigli) as Ramón “Moncho” Sabella

Is Society of the Snow Based on a Book?

Yes, it is based on the 2008 novel Society of the Snow by journalist and author Pablo Vierci, who was a fellow student of the individuals who survived the plane disaster. Two further books written by Vierci and Roberto Canessa, a survivor of an Andean plane crash, are I Had to Survive and My Calling to Save Lives.

The book was found by Bayona while they were filming The Impossible, and she knew right away that she wanted to adapt it for the big screen, she told Netflix. “After more than a decade of planning and collaborating closely with Pablo Vierci, we finally put the pieces together to tell the story.”

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