Somos Season 2 – Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, And Everything Else

During the summer of 2021, Somos was one of the most loved Netflix series. James Schamus directed the mini-series, which is divided into six 50-minute episodes based on the true story.

Somos is a series inspired by real-life crimes in Mexico, based on a 2017 Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson’s report entitled “How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico. With not even finishing season 1, the viewers are already demanding a Somos part 2. The phrase ‘Somos’ is made up of two Spanish words in English: “We are” or “We exist.” In Spanish, however, one word says it all.

Creator James Schamus says this about the title: “We approached our work with two main goals in mind: to make visible the people who our culture tries hard to erase from our perceptions and memories, and to confirm our coexistence with them. I requested that a period be added after the title so that it reads as an assertion rather than just a title.” Human beings who have forsaken the concept of compelled whom slaughtering is due firing the gun, for whom there is no remorse after the massacre, these are the individuals who have lost their humanity.

With a storyline so different and intense, it’s acceptable why people want a season 2. We have gathered all the information here that you need to know about the return of Somos Season 2. 


Release date

Season 1 of “Somos” launched on Netflix on June 30, 2021. The main season is divided into six episodes, each lasting 42-73 minutes. Apparently, with this recent release, season 2 looks to be standing far on the banks. 

Season 1 filming began in late 2019 but was delayed for nearly five months due to the COVID-19 breakout. Even if we don’t compensate for the months missed due to the epidemic, filming and post-production will take over a year. As a result, if the bonus for ample balls is activated in the drop of 2021, we won’t see new episodes until the end of 2022. In that situation, the second season of “Somos” is expected to premiere in late 2022 or early 2023. 

The cast of Somos season 2

The official cast list has yet to be released by Netflix. When we learn more, we’ll let you know.

We don’t know who might return for Somos season 2 just yet. It will depend on how the series is continued, whether it will be more of a science fiction series, or what happens in season 2. As we all know, series 1 ended with an already answered question, so it might be good to say that Somos season 2 will witness new characters. 


Situated in a slumber border town of Allende in Mexico, inhabitants’ lives are tragically affected by a powerful cartel after a Drug Enforcement Administration investigation. The show primarily focuses on the days preceding the heinous event. The characters in the series come from different aspects of life, and their destinies are intertwined by the drug-related crimes that invade the city. For most of them, we see how violence and dispute influence the way they live. 

Somos Season 2
Somos Season 2

Season One ended with Pablo assassinating Nancy and Tom, two innocent school pupils. Mrs. Chayo’s son-in-law, Paquito, a jail guard, was shot and killed when he attempted to flee. Except for Benjamin’s brother’s three children, Benjamin’s entire family was slaughtered. The baby was taken away by cartel members, and the two children were dumped near an orphanage/church. The two children were fostered by a black American (maybe, to adopt them).

Erika’s son Armando, hopefully, arrived home safely. Nayeli and the brothel owner crossed the river boundary into California to start a new life. The scars would last a lifetime in the hearts of the people. So many innocent people would still be alive today if the DEA hadn’t taken a shameful step back. If the show comes back for a second session, it could introduce other storylines from the Mexican borders. After the tragedy, there wasn’t much left in Allende. 


We all have to agree that Somos is not like others collectively. There are plenty of shows that have been made from true events, but Somos cross them all. The intensity of Somos season 1 has rained down, and we hope to have the same intensity with Somos season 2. Let’s see when it comes out.

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