Sony A8H OLED Review, Check Sony’s Masterpiece

Sony has maintained trend with the Sony A8H OLED screen. It is currently one of Sony’s best OLED display, with a good design with slim edges and a distinctive display experience in OLED screens.

Sony A8H OLED Screen Specifications

  • A 55-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels, supports backlight and supports dimming in the backlight.
  • HDR Compatible.
  • Image Processor X1 Ultimate.
  • The screen supports Live Color technology.
  • The screen measures 1227 X 712 X 52 mm.
  • Supports Wi-F 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.
  • Bluetooth 4.2.
  • CHROMECAST Compact.
  • 4 HDMI ports, HDCP2.3 port, headphone jack, two USB ports on the bottom and side.
  • Amplifier.
  • 4 of the subwoofers are divided into 2 10W amplifiers and 25W amplifiers.

Design and Features of Sony A8H OLED

Sony brings together in the Sony A8H OLED screen a set of the best technologies that support the user with a distinctive viewing experience. The screen comes with 4K resolution, with better image processing thanks to the X1 Ultimate processor that supports data analysis with higher accuracy. It will provide the user with a vibrant viewing experience, with natural colours and higher colour accuracy, in fact.

The X1 Ultimate processor also works to adjust the screen in colour sharpness, acoustics quality and supports the screen in darkness and brightness optimally.

The screen supports many features, including Dolby Vision technology, HDR technology with the highest image quality with a smooth frame display. The screen also has X-Motion Clarity technology to support higher image clarity with fast frame movement and less blur.

It comes with a built-in CHROMECAST system and a Google TV system. The device also includes an APPLE AIRPLAY feature to support users in the content sharing feature; the screen also directly supports the headphones connection via BlueTooth. There are 4 ports on the back and sides, including HDMI, and USB ports.

It is generally characterized by an elegant design, as this design supports the slim size of the screen, and it also supports installation on a stand or a wall directly.


Sony introduces a Sony A8H OLED screen with Dolby audio, Dolby Atmos technology, and it also supports DTS format for multi-directional audio.

Nowadays acoustics is one of the best technologies presented in the market of the screens. As it is different from the screens that come with an amplifier on the back or at the bottom of the screen. This type of tech often comes at an acceptable level in the quality of the acoustics.

However, we all know that ACOUSTIC technology allows the emission of acoustics from the screen via audio channels supported by two subwoofers, an integrated design to support the user with an amazing sound experience in the screen that distributes the acoustics around the room with the highest efficiency and in different directions.

Besides the ideal distribution of acoustics in the Sony A8H OLED screen, the acoustics emitted from the screen is of the highest quality. So ACOUSTIC technology will support you with the best audio experience that surpasses many of the amplifiers provided in this category of screens.

Sony A8H OLED Screen Performance

The X1 Ultimate processor supports the Sony A8H OLED screen with the best performance in display and sound, as the processor provides amazing performance in detail and display quality on the screen.

The processor also supports the best performance of HDR technology and in colour adjustment with amazing performance. Thus the user will enjoy the highest performance and the best display quality Even with testing the screen in different technologies, even with 4K content and 1080p resolution.

Also, the processor’s efficiency can be noticed in HDR technology, particularly with the brightness and darkness areas shown in the screen at the highest efficiency. The screen also provides the best performance in movement and frame speed.

Sony A8H OLED screen helps the users to get best experience in Playstation games, Xbox, and also in PC games. The screen present a distinctive experience by adjusting the settings and image to the pattern designated for games. This mode can provide a faster response time and less input delay. To 18 fractions of seconds with traditional display quality and 4K HDR resolution, they also provided a fast response at 18 fractions of a second or 18.7 seconds.

Google TV system

The Sony A8H OLED device features a Google TV system that enables the user with an endless number of various applications. The user will also be able to download new applications via the Google Play Store. The application list provides a seamless experience for browsing and searching for applications installed on the device.

On the other hand, the Google TV interface is characterized by a clear experience by which users can quickly search for applications and manage and coordinate with them in the user’s preferred manner. Apart from this, there are many content-streaming services available such as YouTube, Netflix, and other content streaming services.

The system interface also provides a dedicated window for alerts, which will support a clear and coordinated display of alerts. The user will also control the system interface via the remote control or voice commands. Through these commands, user can launch and run an application or broadcast service, With full support for voice commands in Arabic.

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