Sony Confirms It Has Blocked Ps Plus Subscription Stacking (UPDATED)

Subscription stacking has been restricted by Sony “temporarily,” although coupon codes purchased will still work. Some PlayStation Plus members attempted to extend their subscriptions by redeeming PS Plus and PS Now codes prior to the debut of the new service.

PS Plus has posted a FAQ update stating, “As we prepare to launch the new PlayStation Plus membership service, we are doing some work behind the scenes to make the transition as smooth as possible for all of our existing members”

There have been multiple reports in forums and social media of codes being denied by subscribers who attempted to redeem them.

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A pre-paid card purchased from either Sony or a third-party vendor can be used to prolong a current membership before it expires, and this generally occurs when subscription codes have been lowered. Stacking memberships Users uncovered a loophole that allowed them to stack PS Now subscriptions and have them upgraded to PS Plus Premium at no additional cost when Sony revealed how it was revamping its subscription service.

Despite the fact that PS Now subscriptions may no longer be purchased, Sony has yet to reply to claims that it restricted users from redeeming codes in order to prevent them from receiving a discount prior to May’s subscription redesign.

Check out our PS Plus guide for additional details on the upcoming changes to PlayStation Plus. If Sony decides to implement a two-hour time trial requirement for games costing more than $34, it would be the first time the company has done so.

PS Plus and PS Now subscription stacking are reportedly being blocked by Sony ahead of a service overhaul.

Ps Plus
Ps Plus

Attempts to extend subscriptions have resulted in error codes for some users; this could be to prevent subscription stacking. PlayStation Plus pre-paid voucher redemption has apparently been banned by Sony ahead of the transition to the new tiered version of PlayStation Plus, which will be launched in June.

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions are unavailable to some users, according to reports from Eurogamer and PushSquare. This is likely to prevent customers from taking advantage of the new levels of PS Plus at a lower price. PlayStation notes in the FAQ for the new PS Plus that users who have both PS Plus and PS Now will be upgraded to PS Plus Premium when the transition is complete. The length of the subscription will be determined by the longer subscription. Prior to the announcement of the new service, consumers have been stacking their subscriptions in expectation of their being converted.

Users may be unable to redeem cards or extend memberships digitally at this time, it appears. Attempting to use a PS Plus subscription on the PS5 console results in the error number “CE-117773-6”. Extending a PlayStation Plus subscription via the PlayStation Store online fails because “You’ve already purchased this item,” a message that appears when an attempt is made to do so.

Sony Support has confirmed to PushSquare that the ability to stack prepaid cards has been removed. “I have investigated the voucher and your account and can deduce that as of currently there is a temporarily inactive function for PS Plus/PS Now subscriptions which do not allow for stacking of either membership on previously active memberships,” a Sony Support representative emailed the site.

There are no expiration dates on pre-paid cards or codes issued for online transactions, so these can be used when the new levels are released. But it’s unclear how these codes will be translated or how long they will be valid.

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