‘Soulframe’ is a Free-to-play MMO From the Studio Behind ‘Warframe’

A new game is developing at Digital Extremes, nearly ten years after the company began work on Warframe and more than five years after it scrapped its previous project.

Soulframe, a free-to-play fantasy MMO, was announced by the developer on Saturday. In terms of information about Soulframe, Digital Extremes has only released a mysterious teaser trailer.

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Soulframe Is a Free-to-Play MMO

Geoff Crookes, the game’s creative director, recently spoke with The Washington Post, revealing that the game was inspired by The NeverEnding Story and Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke.

To a similar extent as the latter, Soulframe will investigate the results of human interference with the natural world. Soulframe’s “conceit” is that “the world itself is a little angry about what’s been done to it,” as Crookes explained to The Post. That’s why “proceduralist” describes life in the cave systems, crevasses, and other underground features.

‘Soulframe’ Free-to-play MMO
‘Soulframe’ Free-to-play MMO

As far as gameplay goes, Soulframe is all about “slow and heavy” melee attacks. Crookes told The Post that despite the game’s Soul-inspired moniker, the development team never intended to make a copy of FromSoftware’s critically acclaimed action RPG Soul.

“Elden Ring has absolutely been a subject of some conversation — may be to do with a camera, maybe to do with how excellent their combat pacing is,” said Soulframe co-lead Steve Sinclair. “And you know, screw those guys, because damn, [Elden Ring] was absolutely fantastic.”

Like with Warframe, Digital Extremes intends to involve the community in the creation process for Soulframe, but no release date is currently set. Both Crookes and Sinclair emphasized that development is still in its early stages.

As a result, frequent Twitch streams from behind the scenes can be expected. Additionally, early access to the game may be granted to some fans within a year.

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