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Power, prosperity are more important than maximum success, the ability to struggle and persistence of life values. That’s why I think it’s better to discuss Narendra Bhai Modi’s post as prime minister and political successes than his struggling journey and victory at every stage. There will probably be very few journalists in the capital at this time who lived in Gujarat from 1972 to 1976 as correspondents. That’s why I want to start talking from there. As a correspondent for Hindustan Samachar (news agency), I had the opportunity to work full time in Ahmedabad for about 8 months, during a session of Congress in 1973-76, then of the Student Movement. of Gujarat against Chiman Bhai Patel, and of Emergency in 1975. Was

During the emergency, Narendra Modi undertook the task of secretly communicating the contents of the views related to the news of the underground RSS-Jana Sangh and opposition leaders.

I couldn’t meet him at that time. But incidentally, Brother Narendra’s Anuj Pankaj Modi also worked at the Hindustan press office. At the same time, Pankaj Bhai and bureau chief Bhupat Parikh got information about this family and Narendra Bhai’s deep loyalty and writing ability to the Sangh and the teenager’s social service.

Book in Gujarati in case of emergency
In the initial phase, there wasn’t a lot of emergency pressure. Newspapers such as Gujarat News and Sandesh were leaving under the shadow of “censorship”. Even the magazine “Sadhana” associated with the Sangh was printed. There was no anti-government report from the agency anyway. The amalgamation of the agencies also took place under the name of “ News ” until 1976. Therefore, when visiting the new capital Gandhi Nagar to and from Ahmedabad at a daily time scheduled by the government, during the trip to the new capital Gandhi Nagar and then in the newsrooms and offices, there was unconfirmed information about Gujarat politics, the emergency, the censors, the underground leaders. At the same time, Vishnu Pandayaji, the editor of “Sadhana”, also had the opportunity to come to his office to discuss politics and literature. Later, in addition to editor-in-chief Vishnu Pandaya, Narendra Modi also wrote a book in Gujarati on emergency. Therefore, I am correct that Narendra Modi played an important role in carrying out emergency and government activities by changing costumes in secret rather than in a safe prison (and even with minimal facilities for great leaders).

Decide to work continuously
Before his arrest, socialist George Fernandes also disguised himself in Gujarat and took help from Narendra Bhai. Originally, members of Congress but leaders of other parties like anti-emergency Ravindra Verma also worked with his contacts. This period of struggle probably taught Narendra Modi to advance on the thorny marches of national politics.

Although the goal may not have been power, the willingness to continually work for the society and the nation in the most difficult situations is manifested in their lives.

The greatest proof of this resolution is that a few months after the BJP came to power for the second time with an absolute majority, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with the approval of Parliament, demolished the wall of the Article 370 of the temporary system for Kashmir. Wrote a new chapter in democratic history. People generally misunderstand that Modi ji came up with this idea due to the immediate political-economic conditions. But journalists like us remember that from 1995 to 1996, as general secretary of the Bharatiya Janata party, he met with Haryana, Punjab and Himachal in full capacity to activate the organization in Jammu and Kashmir. Even in discussions with us, Jammu and Kashmir was more focused, as the BJP needed to prepare political ground there.

Trips to Jammu and Kashmir
While in the Sangh, he used to visit Jammu and Kashmir. But terrorism was at its peak in the 1990s. During US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India, terrorists killed 36 Sikhs in Chhattisgarh, Kashmir. As the responsible state, Narendra Modi immediately left for Kashmir. Without any security personnel or police assistance, Narendra Modi reached the affected area by road.

Then Farooq Abdullah was the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. When he found out, he called by phone and wanted to know how you got there. There is also information on the ammunition spilled by terrorists on the paths here. By taking your risk, I will be in trouble myself.

Not only that, he had complained to party leader LK Advani ji that, your colleague is walking around unsafe at any time without telling him. it’s wrong.

Advani also called. Even then, Narendra Bhai politely replied that I will not return until after the funeral of the dead. In fact, everyone said to them, “I don’t care about life or death to do my duty.” Due to intrepid visits to inaccessible areas and villages, he understood the problems of Jammu and Kashmir and resolved to develop it as the happy regions of India. As it stands, Himalayan speeches have dominated his heart and mind since his youth. In Leh-Ladakh, where people are distracted by the lack of oxygen, Narendra Modi has no problem.

Outside of Ladakh at this time, he had also visited Tibet, Mansarovar and Mount Kailash before 2001. Then he also dreamed that thousands of Indians would be able to travel to Kailash Mansarovar via Leh.

This route will be the simplest. Ladakh and Kashmir are expected to become more accessible, attractive and practical than Switzerland in the coming years. Efforts to improve relations not only with America, Europe but also with China have made all of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh happy. Therefore, in addition to meeting the demand to make Ladakh ruled centrally, Jammu and Kashmir has also been kept centrally and has facility laws in place applicable to citizens across India. . This is why China provoked Pakistan. But by giving the military full wiggle room, the Modi government ensured that Chinese soil from an inch could not fall even on an inch of soil.

Narmada is associated with the heart of PM Modi
Like the Himalayas, Narmada is attached to his heart. No one can compete with them, but due to my background in Ujjain-Indore-Omkareshvara, the 1973-1974 Narmada water sharing on the Narmada Dam, political disputes, ancient Narmada progress with the Ganges River and modern advances with mythological significance. Wrote on the use of hydropower. Therefore, there was an opportunity to interact with the BJP organization and Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Narmada. Two years ago, Sanjay Arya of Shubhi Publications admitted during discussion that there is no book in English on the importance of Narmada apart from political controversies. I agreed to write. Many table books have been prepared with large pictures on them. I sent Modi a message to write for the book. Then the manuscript was sent, then Prime Minister Narendra Modi read carefully despite the commotion and sent a nice written commentary. After publishing the published book, when he met the publisher, he immersed himself in the Narmada-Himalayas. Discussions continued beyond the scheduled time.

Modi is not only from India but a leader among selected world leaders
However, the real happiness for both of us is that after the completion of the Narmada Sardar Sarovar dam, suspended for more than fifty years, millions of farmers also have access to agriculture and drinking water. in the villages. Modi is seen as a leader not only in India but also among selected world leaders but I think he is more successful in space, Mars, Chandrayaan, giving villages water, electricity, girls’ education, houses for poor families, toilets and domestic gas supply campaigns bring more satisfaction. Therefore, I do not agree with the idea that in view of the industrial development and prosperity of Gujarat, he first gave importance to industrialists and changed the agendas of the villages. on the “costume government” claim.

After all, his childhood and age up to 50 were spent wandering through most poor settlements, villages and forests. So, is the concern of the poor limited to a political party and an ideology?

The world is on India’s side thanks to the efforts of Narendra Modi
There is no doubt that the basis of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s philosophy is the power of knowledge, the strength of man, water power, energy power, economic power and defense power. It seems they are focused on this day and this night. This is why they have the opportunity to connect Diaspora Indians sitting in countries far from the Gram Panchayats of India to their programs and projects.

Campaigns like Yoga, Clean India, Ayushman Bharat-Swasth Bharat, Educated India can make India powerful and prosperous in the truest sense of the word. The global community recognizes that India’s position in the face of the Corona outbreak is better than that of most of the world’s rich developed countries. The proportion of the largest population has the lowest death rate and the highest number of people recovering from the crown.

Socio-economic development is also a creative way to fight terrorism by eliminating terrorists. This is why Narendra Modi’s efforts made the world stand by India and Islamic countries turned away from Pakistan as well. Therefore, congratulations and best wishes should be given on the anniversary and good deeds for the determination and dreams of Narendra Modi as a leader of politics, controversies, challenges.

(Author Padmashree is a respected senior journalist and former chairman of the Editors Guild of India.)

(The opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.)

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