Squid Game Boss: A Decision on Seasons 2 and 3 Is Expected ‘Soon

Squid Game, which has been deemed Netflix’s biggest show to date, has astonished millions of viewers around the world. The craze has no bounds, therefore there is a lot of excitement for the forthcoming seasons. What will the plot be? When can we look forward to another thrilling season? Let us see if we can figure things out.

The nine episodes, written and directed by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, actually left viewers terrified but engaged in the program. The shows’ theme is based on a Korean children’s game of the same name. We have witnessed the captivating performances of the cast.

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The season is praised for several other things including the terrific storyline, which converted the simpler game into a rare one. 

It’s regularly violent, sexually explicit at times, and a harsh parody of the wealth gap. Squid Game is a television show that is quite provocative, this is the prime reason for the hype among fans. There have been discussions about the new seasons. Let’s have a look at the details of Squid Game’s upcoming seasons here.

Official Updates For The Upcoming Seasons: Squid Game

Because of the extraordinarily strong demand, anticipation for the entrance of next season was already evident. However, the good news came quickly. The story will be continued for two more seasons, according to the creators.

“There will certainly be a second season,” Squid Game writer/director Hwang told the Associated Press in November, adding, “It’s in my thoughts right now.” “Right now, I’m working on a plan.” Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-Jae) and his inquiry of those behind the terrible, fictional game were also confirmed by Hwang at the time.

Squid Game Boss
Squid Game Boss

According to the sources, Hwang Dong-hyuk stated in a Tuesday interview that he is in talks with Netflix about Season 2 “as well as Season 3,” and that a decision is expected “soon.” So, certainly, we can expect it to be decided in the coming days as to when another season of entertainment will be presented.

He once shared that there has been “so much demand, so much desire, and so much love for a second season” that he almost feels compelled to make it during viewing to commemorate the show in Los Angeles in November.

“However, I can confirm that there will be a second season. I’m thinking about that right now. I’m now in the research stage “‘At the moment,’ he added. “I believe it is too early to predict when and how this will occur. So I’ll make a promise to you: Gi-hun will return. He intends to make a difference in the world.”

Squid Game: The Story’s Prominence

Certainly, the demand for the story is high. If we compare the probabilities for the next season, the way is crystal clear. We will surely have another season in the queue. The prime reason is the reception of the unique tale of Squid Game, which drew worldwide recognition.

It is Netflix’s most-watched series as of November 2021 and has become the most-watched show in 94 countries. It garnered over 142 million member households and accumulated 1.65 billion watching hours in its first four weeks of release. The show received an 8/10 rating on IMDb, and other aggregators have given it a similar rating. When it comes to profitability, it has surpassed all forecasted estimates. 

The renewal talks are progressing well, and the markers are anticipating a positive response from the upcoming seasons. We are looking into it more and will return with additional information as the story develops. Until then, stay tuned for more entertainment news.

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