Squid Game Creator Confirms a Second Season Is in the Works

Have you watched Squid Game yet? If not let me give you a brief storyline of the show. Squid Game is the most disturbing but intriguing Netflix super hit show which was trending for quite a while. This show is about a dangerous tournament of a list of children’s games.

There were certain rounds assigned to players of the game and all the members who failed to complete the game were shot dead. The show was a super hit but a lot of questions were left unanswered. So if you haven’t watched it yet then it’s a must-watch.

And for all the fans of the Squid game, we have good news for you. Recently it was announced by the director of “Squid Game,” that this extremely popular dystopian Korean series will be back with a second season on Netflix.

‘Squid Game’ Creator Announced Season 2 Got a Green Light From Netflix

 Hwang Dong-hyuk the writer and director said that they are planning on for the second season. He even added that the script is in his head and has already planned the basic storyline however a lot needs to be figured out.

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Wand further added that he is going to share more details about the second season with us but as of now he was unable to share any further details. The director also added that the protagonist (Seong Gi-hun) of the show will come back and will try to save the world from this tournament.

Squid Game
And all the cast of the show including Lee, Hwang, attended a special Hollywood screening on Monday for one of the biggest hits ever on Netflix and celebrated its success.

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Squid Game Received a Lot of Love From the Audience

This Halloween based on Squid Game a lot of people had worn that themed costume and protested. This protest took place at the United Nation global climate summit which was held in Scotlands, Glasgow, and all other places. This game made people fight for an earning and have even killed them for the same.

And showing the most horrifying things ever this game theme was a perfect fit for Halloween. Director of Squid Game Hwang said that seeing this feels so surreal and that what an impact this show had on people. He even added that he is living in a fantasy world.

To that Lee said that he even can’t believe that this is happening and it was beyond his imagination that this series would turn out so big. He then added that he never thought that they would get so much love and being present at that place seeing people accepting the show with so much love made him feel grateful.

The squid game was trending just like the Oscar-winning movie of the year 2020 “Parasite,”. This movie also showed the difference between the rich and the poor in Korea.  With such a hit Squid game gained a lot of fan base and that makes it obvious for a second season to be out soon.

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Of course! we all want to know what happened next? Will the game kill more people?? IS there going to be a game once again? So stay tuned with us to get all these answers to your questions and for all the latest updates about the show.

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