Stan Wawrinka Wife: How He Found His True Love?

Stan Wawrinka is a tennis player from Switzerland who is also a citizen of both Switzerland and Germany. During his career, he won three Grand Slam titles, made it to the finals of many events, won the ATP Masters title, and won the gold medal in doubles at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

Wawrinka started playing tennis when he was 8 years old and became a pro when he was 17 years old. Find out how tennis champion Stan Wawrinka went on a trip to find his true love.

This is the story of how Stan Wawrinka met his wife, a love story that won the hearts of people all over the world. It takes place in the intense world of professional sports and in surprising places away from the court.

Who is Stan Wawrinka Wife?

On and off the court, Stan Wawrinka has always been an interesting figure. In 2009, he tied the knot with Swiss television host Ilham Vuilloud. In 2010, the couple welcomed a daughter whom they named Alexia.

The couple separated after four years of d@ting and nearly six years of marriage. In 2015, they officially separated. Wawrinka stated that the dissolution of his marriage was due to his hectic touring schedule and his consequent lack of involvement with his family.

Stan Wawrinka Wife

“Ilham and I were both blessed to create a family when our wonderful daughter Alexia was born in 2010. We have always tried to live our lives as a team and as a family, despite the challenges we have faced due to the demands of my career. To my great regret, this isn’t possible anymore,” he said once.

“Ilham will always be the mother of my daughter and a person that I have a lot of love and respect for. We will always remain as a family. Now my priority is to do everything to protect Alexia during these challenging times,” he further added.

In the tweet included below, Stan Wawrinka discusses his recent divorce:

Stan Wawrinka reconnected with his family just over a year after his daughter was born. At the end of the divorce process, however, he asked the public and the press to respect the couple’s need for privacy.

Who is Stan Wawrinka?

Professional tennis player Stan Wawrinka, of Switzerland, is presently ranked 193rd by the ATP. He is one of only twenty-two tennis players in the history of the sport’s Open Era to have won at least three Grand Slams. On March 28, 1985, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Stanislas “Stan” Wawrinka was born.

Wawrinka and his three siblings all grew up on the farm Ferme du Chateau in the Swiss canton of Lausanne before he decided to pursue tennis professionally. Wawrinka didn’t start playing tennis seriously until he was eight years old, long after most other professional tennis players had already begun.

Neither Wawrinka’s German father nor his Swiss mother showed much interest in sports, so he only played once a week until he was 11 and began to take it more seriously. Wawrinka’s tennis prowess blossomed during his adolescence.

To better prepare him for a career as a professional tennis player, Wawrinka was taken out of regular school and put on a distance learning program. Wawrinka had his early education at the Rudolf Steiner School in Switzerland and completed his formal training at the CNED in France. Wawrinka eventually turned professional after winning the 2003 junior French Open.

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Stan Wawrinka Interesting Career

After winning the junior French Open, Stan Wawrinka turned pro in 2003 and made his first final at Gstaad the following year. Wawrinka played in his first Grand Slam tournament at the 2005 French Open.

After several years of hard work, Wawrinka finally broke through and defeated Novak Djokovic to win his first title in 2006. On the ATP Tour, Wawrinka has amassed a total of 16 singles titles and 2 doubles titles.

In May of 2013, at the age of 28 years old, Stan Wawrinka entered the top 10 of the world rankings. Wawrinka would remain in the top 10 and eventually crack the top 3 of the ATP rankings. In early 2018, Wawrinka fell out of the top 10, and by the end of the year, he had fallen out of the top 200.

He got back on track quickly and finished the year in the top 20 before calling it a career. Yonex and London Capital Group are just two of the firms that have signed Stan Wawrinka to four-year sponsorship deals. After signing with Yonex in 2015, he moved on to London Capital Group the following year.

Where Does Stan Wawrinka Spend His Money?

One of the wealthiest tennis players in the world, Stan Wawrinka, has lavished much of his fortune on his stunning Swiss mansion. A grass court can be found in the backyard of Wawrinka’s home.

Wawrinka owns a handful of vehicles, including a Subaru Levorg. Among the vehicles provided to him by his sponsors are a Subaru Impreza and a Subaru XV. One of the most expensive vehicles in the world, the Mercedes S Class, is in Wawrinka’s collection.

His tiny collection of automobiles is valued at around $225,000. Even though Wawrinka has a lot of cars in his garage, he hasn’t spent a fortune on them.

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