Star Trek Resurgence Release Date Status, Trailer and Plot

The number of Star Trek-themed video games has dropped significantly in recent years, compared to the flurry of activity in the early and mid-2000s.

The debut of Star Trek: Bridge Crew on virtual reality devices was enjoyable. Star Trek: Resurgence, on the other hand, may prove to be a turning point in the franchise’s history for fans.

Users will be able to interact with the franchise’s universe through a wide range of readily identifiable details from several television shows and movies.

Despite the fact that Resurgence would have nothing to do with previous media, such as television, movies, or comic books, there is a slew of promises that the game will provide gratification for fans.

The game is expected to be eagerly anticipated by fans, including characters from the series canon to instantly identifiable technology and institutions. Get ready for the Star Trek adventure game that’s coming soon!

Star Trek Resurgence

What Is the Release Date of Star Trek: Resurgence?

There is currently no release date set for Star Trek: Resurgence, but it is expected to arrive sometime in the spring of 2022. The game appears to be well-polished in the most current trailers. However, given the current state of the industry, no promises can be made.

Though it was only announced in late 2021, this game is still under development. Since it was announced so early in development, it’s safe to believe that the company had a solid sense of what to expect. Perhaps this will be one of the rare games that gamers get to play sooner rather than later.

Is There a Trailer for Star Trek: Resurgence?

The announcement of Star Trek: Resurgence was made at the 2021 Game Awards. The game’s creator, Dramatic Labs, has since produced two trailers highlighting the features. The first depicts what looks to be the early stages of the game, in which the player assumes control of Carter Diaz.

With Jara Rydek, this will be one of the game’s two primary protagonists. The locations in the trailer are clearly reminiscent of Star Trek, despite some minor complaints about the graphics for the characters and facial expressions.

The developer’s promise that even those who have only a passing interest in the series will be able to meet some familiar faces has been fulfilled in the second trailer. At a briefing for the crew’s higher-ups, none is more iconic than Spock, by this point a Federation Ambassador.

Though he has not yet been given a name, the Vulcan ambassador’s voice actor sounds eerily similar to Leonard Nimoy, and this could be a standout performance for the game.

The trailer hints at the game’s narrative path and shows off the familiar Trek technology once more. You can check out the trailer below!

What Is Star Trek: Resurgence All About?

Many will be thrilled to learn that the game takes place in 2380, just following the events of The Next Generation and Captain Picard’s exploits. The fight between the Olidians and Hotari is expected to be the main focus of the plot.

It’s safe to assume that, in a game developed by former Telltale employees, player decisions will have a significant impact on how the plot unfolds. However, the depth of this feature remains ambiguous, as examples of the illusion of choice can be seen in games like the official Game of Thrones adaption.

The third-person perspective will also be used in Resurgence. The Walking Dead series and more typical sci-fi action games like Mass Effect will be compared to this one, which is a game where your choices actually have an impact on how the plot unfolds.

For the first time, a major focus has been placed on the idea that this is a single-game plot rather than an episodic one, which is unusual.

In addition to the plot choices featured in the trailers, there will be a lot more to explore. There are promises of shuttle flying, phaser combat, tricorder scanning, and stealth aspects in the game by Dramatic Labs.

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