Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Release Date Status & Confirmation on Paramount+

Welcome back, Peeps! Today we are discussing this new series which will premiere soon.  If you are wondering which series it is then we are talking about the 4th season of Star Trek: Discovery and the 2nd season of Star Trek: Picard. This series will premiere on 5th May 2022.

The first season of this series is going to have ten episodes and will run weekly every Thursday. If you are also a fan of Star Trek then keep reading further as we have collected every information you are required to know about this new series.

To build up suspense for the release date a very exciting poster was released earlier for the fans to get all excited about the news and also to remember on which date this show will premiere. 

The executive producer of the show Alex Kurtzman said that they wanted the poster to show the concept of this new season.  He also added that they wanted to bring a sense of nostalgia, exploration, and optimism, along with the feel of adventure after seeing the poster.

The Hype went a lot more than expected and a lot of video clips were also shared after the show was 1st announced on 20 May 2020. After the announcement, Kurtzman had signed a five-year contract with CBS to follow the Star Trek series and release a lot of mini-series, animated series, and other shows with the concept.

This show had been slow for a while due to covid-19 however production was still going on in September 2020.  Later on, it was announced by Viacom CBS that all the parts of this series will be rebranded and expanded as Paramount+ for the movie to be premiered on the platform and now there is already a 2nd season for Strange new Worlds under development as shared by the director Jonathan Frakes in November 2021.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Cast

Every series was already found in 2020. We are sure about the main three characters of the show who are going to be back to their roles once again. The main three characters include  Captain Christopher Pike played by Anson Mount, Spock is played by  Ethan Peck, the helmsperson and first officer Number One is played by Rebecca Romijn.

The tweet shared by the makers hand also showed a brief video after the production was wrapped up in fall 2021. To get all the fans excited about this new show this video was shared by the makers and they had also thanked the audience for all the continuous support.

The entire cast includes Christine Chapel played by  Jess Bush, La’an Singh played by Christina Chong, Cadet Uhura played by Celia Gooding,  Lt Erica Ortegas played by Melissa Navia, Dr. M’Benga played by Babs Olusanmokun, and Hemmer played by Bruce Horak.

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Everything About  ‘Star Trek: Strange New World’ 

The crew of the USS Enterprise and Captain Christopher Pike explores strange new worlds all through the galaxy in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The series is set before The Original Series of Star Trek and features Spock, Number One, and Pike. The  producer of Strange New Worlds, Henry Meyers made a joke that “The Cage(1965), also known as the 1st pilot episode of this Series starring the very same protagonists, could be considered the series’ pilot, continuing to make it “the biggest pilot series in television history.”

In May 2020, the executive producer of the show Akiva Goldsman told Variety, “We’re planning to try to bring back certain traditional values of Trek, to be positive, and try to bring more episodes.”. They also said, “Of course, we’ll start focusing on the encoded nature of the cast of the show and plot development. But I believe our stories will be more conclusive than those in Discovery or Picard.”

Alonso also described the show as “the classic mode of Star Trek,” in the sense that the “stories have always been told the same way they were before. “It’s just a ship that’s attempting peculiar new worlds, and we’re going to be telling big ideas of science fantasy adventures in episodic format.” As a result, we’ll have more opportunities to see new aliens, and learn about new cultures.”

“If you assume a return to the initial series, it was subtly more liberal – I don’t mean in the context of politics, but this idea can be more fluid,” said writer Aleka Cooper to The Hollywood Reporter in April 2021. Robert Bloch, for example, would occasionally write a horror show. “Or Harlan Ellison’s ‘City on the Edge of Forever,’ a hard sci-fi novel,” he explained.

“After that, comedy episodes such as ‘Shore Leave’ or ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ would air.” As a result, Henry Myers and I are attempting to meet that need. Serialized storytelling has become very popular among us, myself included. Picard is heavily serialized, but Strange New Worlds is a weekly adventure with serialized character arcs.”

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