(LATEST UPDATE) Steam Deck Update With Lock Screen and Windows Switching

The Steam Deck from Valve already has a lot going for it, but the firm is constantly updating it with new software patches that add new features, fixes, and modifications. The latest Deck upgrade, which went live yesterday, was the most significant yet. A lock screen and keyboard localization are just a few of the major new additions to this version.

Improved achievements, a PIN lock screen, and more are included in the latest Steam Deck update.

For Valve’s portable PC, the latest software update brings new features including a lock screen and window switching as well as enhancements to the accomplishments section.

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Using a PIN and a lock screen, Valve said that the Steam Deck now has the ability to restrict other people from accessing your Steam Deck. The choices allow for the lock screen to appear when the device is woken, booted, logged in, or when the user switches to desktop mode.

New Steam Deck Updates

The achievements page has been updated with a shorter load time and a more user-friendly layout. On the page, you may compare achievements with friends and see how you stack up against the world’s best players.

Steam Deck updated with lock screen
Steam Deck updated with lock screen

There are also going to be Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards coming soon, as well as an additional 21 languages and layouts in the Steam Deck‘s keyboards section.

In addition to this new feature, the Stream Deck’s Achievements page has been given a spring clean-up for the upcoming season. Additionally, players will now be able to “toggle between your stats and global stats or use the new drop-down to compare your achievements with any friend who also plays.”

Multi-window switching is a big addition to the Deck’s user experience. Using MWS, you may switch between open windows in apps. The ability to easily switch between browser tabs in distinct windows (maybe for dual-monitor viewing) is an example of how this functionality could be useful. It’s the same for games like Dwarf Fortress, which require launchers or other background windows.

Switching between different games or web pages is now possible using Steam Deck’s new window switching feature. Quickly switching from one game to the next can be accomplished with this.


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The following are the complete Steam Deck patch notes, which can be found on the official website or directly below:

Added Lock Screen Feature

  • You can set your lock screen to appear when you wake up, boot, login, and/or transition to Desktop mode.
  • The PIN can be entered using either the touchscreen or the control.

A Total of 21 Languages and Layouts Have Been Added to the Keyboard

  • Settings > Keyboard > Active Keyboards can be used to enable several keyboards.
  • Use the new keyboard globe key to switch between open keyboards

Support for Multiple Windows Has Been Added Within a Single App or Game

  • Press Steam to view current windows and select the window you would like to view
  • Useful for online browsers or games with launchers
  • Performance and usability improvements have been made to the Achievements page.
  • Players may now immediately compare their stats against those of any other people who play the game thanks to the addition of new achievements.
  • Awaiting approval from Friend Requests for friends have been consolidated into a single page for easier management.
  • Rather than attempting to format a microSD card that does not meet advertised storage capacity and specifications, new logic has been included to detect and alert the user (for a very long time)
  • Fixed a problem where Steam and the (…) button couldn’t be utilized with Remote Play while streaming games from PCs.
  • Players with extensive game libraries will see further improvements in performance.

The Latest Version of the Operating System

  • Uncapped framerate is now available in the Quick Access menu > Performance if a charger doesn’t meet the minimum threshold.
  • It was added to Quick Access > Performance to force 2×2 Variable Rate Shading into existing games as an experimental option to save on power consumption.
  • TPM support was added, allowing for the installation of Windows 11.
  • Resetting the PD contract may now be done by holding “…” and “Volume Down” together for a few seconds.
  • In order to provide a better user experience in low-light conditions, the power LED has been modified to dim after a few seconds of power supply connection events.
  • Numerous docks and power supplies have been updated to work better with Type-C
  • An increase in idle and low-use battery life
  • Resolved instances where the touchscreen stopped working after a few boot cycles
  • It has been fixed to work with various SD cards as boot devices.
  • When pushing on a trackpad, the extra haptic click has been fixed.
  • Fixed a kernel bug that was causing ACPI error messages to appear

That’s all there is to know about the Steam Deck update with the lock screen and windows switching at this time. We should expect additional information to surface as we approach closer to the release date. This page will be updated as soon as new information becomes available. If you want additional information, kindly visit our website.

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