4th Stimulus Check 2022 Is Happening—If You Live In These States

Every time a stimulus check is sent out, there seems to be a five-second gap before someone begins to inquire as to whether or not there will be another stimulus. (Remember, the March 2021 deadline for the third stimulus check.) We have the answer for everybody who has been wondering whether a fourth stimulus would occur: Sort of, yes. It is true that a fourth stimulus check is being issued, but only to residents of specific states in the United States.

Are The 4th Stimulus Checks Really Happening?

They are, but unlike the other three stimulus checks, they are not coming from the federal government. This time, everything is based on the state in which you reside. That’s true, the recipients of the fourth stimulus check are now at the state and local government levels.

All 50 states received $195 billion when the American Rescue Plan first started, with a minimum of $500 million going to each state to support local economic recovery.

That’s a lot of money. The catch is that they don’t have to use that money indefinitely. By the end of 2024, the states must decide how they will utilize the funds, and they have until the end of 2026 to do it.   Although such deadlines may seem quite far off, time is actually running out.

In Which States Is A Fourth Stimulus Check Being Issued?

The problem is that all 50 states have access to this funding, but they must first decide how they will use it. These are the states that have developed a strategy so far for using the funds as a fourth stimulus check.

Some states are using some of the money the federal government gave them to give the fourth stimulus checks to certain groups of people. Each state’s qualifications appear to be different, although they all appear to share a few characteristics, such as meeting specific income limits or suffering through a difficult time.

stimulus check 2022 arizona
stimulus check 2022 arizona


When it comes to stimulus checks, the Grand Canyon State has a different perspective; they only provide them to persons who are returning to the workforce. The Back to Work Program in Arizona offers $2,000 to people who find jobs after receiving unemployment benefits. However, before you may receive the benefit, you must work at your new job for at least eight weeks.


The Golden State is the only state on the list that distributes stimulus payments that resemble those issued by the federal government. Here is how their figures are organized: As part of the Golden State Stimulus I, Californians making $75,000 or less received a one-time check for $600 or $1,200. 4 Additionally, they may be qualified for a second stimulus payment under the Golden State Stimulus II, which could range from $500 to $1,100. 5 Additionally, the state provided additional funds through the Young Child Tax Credit to parents of children who are 6 years old or younger.


These people made the decision to refocus their efforts on distributing their stimulus checks to the unemployed. People who have received at least one unemployment check between March 15, 2020, and October 24, 2020, were sent $375. 7


Maine is providing “disaster relief” payments in the northeastern region of the nation. These $285 checks are being distributed as a token of appreciation to those who were employed during the outbreak.

And in order to counteract the consequences of inflation, Maine said in April 2022 that it will deliver $850 relief payments to around 858,000 of its citizens. The checks will begin to be mailed out in June 2022 and will be paid for by the state’s budget surplus.


Anyone who claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit on their 2019 taxes is eligible to receive a stimulus check worth $500 (for families) or $300 in Maryland (individuals).


Attention Missouri residents who work in mental health facilities, nursing homes, or correctional facilities (often known as jails or prisons). To honor them for their service during the pandemic, the state is adding $250 to each of their paychecks.

New Mexico

In the Land of Enchantment, $5 million is going to be given to people who didn’t qualify for the federal stimulus. Lower-income New Mexicans will be given a one-time payment of $750.

New York

Workers who lost their jobs or income due to the COVID-19 pandemic but did not meet the requirements for assistance such as unemployment benefits or stimulus payments are receiving one-time unemployment benefits worth $3,200 to $15,600 through a program in New York state called the Excluded Workers Fund.


Frontline employees who served during the early months of the pandemic received payouts between $1,200 and $2,000 from the Vermont Frontline Employees Hazard Pay Grant Program. Workers who received checks had a variety of jobs, including janitors, health care providers, and employees in the supermarket and retail industries.

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