Storage Wars 2021: Is the Show Going to Continue for Season 14?

Recently, everyone’s favorite reality show, the storage wars, made a comeback with season 13. All the auctioneers say aye! And the Storage Wars 2021 began on April 20th. Though it’s by far the shortest season, given that it has the least number of episodes, they certainly packed a punch!

What is the show about? Well, in the reality television series, when the rent of a storage locker goes unpaid for three months, an auctioneer sells its contents. Here, professional buyers visit the storage facilities and bid on the lockers. The sale of the items occurs as a single lot of items in a cash-only auction.

Before the auction, the buyers inspect the items, though from a distance. By the end of the day, winners sort through the items of lockers that they have won. Then, they estimate the prices set on the items, often consulting with experts. In the end, a total cost shows on-screen versus the estimated total value and a final tally that shows the buyer’s net profit or, in some cases, their loss.

Who Is In The Cast For Storage Wars 2021?

The auctioneers for this season, as always, are Dan and Laura Dotson. Whereas, the buyers are as following:

  • Jarrod Schulz
  • Brandi Passante
  • Darrell Sheets
  • Rene & Casey Nezhoda
  • Ivy Calvin
  • Kenny Crossley

The Shocking News Of the Auctioneer’s Death

Mark Balelo, the charismatic auctioneer who won the hearts of many fans with his glamorous clothes and flamboyant style. He always livened up the auction, bringing in large sums of money, and had a lighthearted yet at the same time intimidating attitude.

It was a blow when fans received the news of a death in 2013. The death ruled a suicide and raised many questions of what had pushed the businessman over the edge. Back in 2009, he had many legal issues. The police also arrested him for drug charges. It seems his final arrest was his limit.

Storage Wars 2021
Storage Wars 2021

With the comeback of Storage Wars 2021, many fans were reminiscing of all the previous seasons, and Mark’s name was on many lips.

The Renewal Of Storage Wars 2021

After the finale of season 12, A&E Network made no announcement regarding the show’s renewal or cancellation. As a result, most assumed that the series would continue. But nearly two years passed, and the show had been off-air until the announcement of season 13. A surprise indeed, but one which was met with much excitement. Season 13 ran on air from April 20th to May 25th with 10 episodes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check it out!

Will There Be A Season 14?

Unfortunately, till now, we don’t know the answer to that question, yet. It’s unclear whether A&E is leaning toward this decision about the show, and we have no concrete information. However, the series has always been popular and well-received.

Starting with facts, the situation surrounding season 13 was pretty bleak, yet it ended up airing when no one expected it. So there is hope for season 14, although should the network go through with it, they are going to need a new solid cast to carry the show.

A&E Network has recently played a lot of reruns, so while there may or may not be a season 14, you’d better catch up on the other thirteen available!

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