Strict control is required for poison companies Now the layers of drug dealing from Bollywood and political nexus open up!

The demon may perish in any form. Similarly, there are many forms of poison. It can be found in the form of drugs, can be found as drugs, smuggling and killing thousands using weapons. During the investigation into Sushant Singh’s suspected death, there are chances of opening layers of drugs and companies in Mumbai’s Bollywood and political administrative system.

Not only Mumbai, this dangerous business is spread from Delhi to Kashmir, Punjab and northeastern regions. The determination of the investigation and the legal process in this one case will continue for a long time but the need will be that poisoning of drugs in recent years in India under the guise of chemicals, medicine and international trade tourism can lead to destruction of society. The ongoing activities must be carefully crushed.

There is a general perception that strings of drugs are only associated with foreign countries. There have been cases of stolen drugs from Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Thailand or African countries and smuggling of mafia. Fifty films have been made about drugs, but if the Enforcement Agency (ED), Narcotics Bureau (NCB), CBI (CBI) in India were produced or smuggled illegally from opium cannabis in India over the last 25 to 30 years If a investigation of cases of intoxicating material, very shocking facts can be revealed.

The saddest fact is that criminals, companies, officials and leaders have been punished with punishment in very few cases. In the early years, such cases were only under the CBI. From the first interview with CBI Director D Sen (1973-74) as a journalist, the discussions so far have been very distracting with many directors and then directors of the Enforcement Directorate and informal information from their colleagues. The problem for them or even the courts has been that the people who make the most profit in this business cannot find them in any document.

They always roam under the mask of prestige. He has also been influenced by the media to some extent through the interaction between the country and foreign power. Perhaps this is the first time that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given orders to spare the investigative bodies to control this toxic business and not to spare anyone. Not only this, the cooperation between international intelligence agencies is also taken. The reason for this is that lakhs of young men, women, poor and rich people due to the expansion of drug trafficking are being pushed towards drugs, illegal earnings, crime.

Thus, the government controls the production and sale of opium cannabis. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand are the leading states in the production of opium. Therefore, the central agencies available to the legitimate or illegal business information about the connection between smugglers, traders, police, leaders in these areas. Twenty years ago, the action was limited to a manager at a lower level when an episode of a well-known chemical company that produces opium in the name of making opium chemicals disappeared from the truck’s road.

Not only this, an enforcement director conducting the investigation was removed. Similarly, another honest director tried to open cases related to many big businessmen and politicians, he was first transferred and was terrorized for fear of opening his mouth in such a way that his heart attack one night. Death In this way it was described as a natural death.

In Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and northeastern states or Naxal-hit Chhattisgarh-Jharkhand, arms smugglers carry out their activities only through terrorism. Innocent children, women are used. They are addicted to drugs to kill them. The same mafia in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, through cigarettes, cannabis, hookah, trying to catch teenagers, young men and women. Occasionally, police action takes place. But as soon as this intoxicating poison spread in the community, it seems to be difficult to control with the normal police.

Many countries are on the verge of collapse due to poisoning
Some countries in Africa or Afghanistan and Pakistan have reached the brink of collapse with this toxic business. Cities like London-New York-Paris or Tokyo and Bangkok are concerned about the growing influence of drugs. The biggest problem in India is that many agencies are affiliated with different ministries. The files rotate in them. Officers collide with the competition. With the legal process going on for years, officials are not only changing, they are also moving away from the world.

The need is for there to be a highly coordinated agency and department for this type of crime, and the defendants should be punished with time limits in the special courts. On the other hand, some ignorant media are also caught in the trap of fascination or confusion. If we are talking about the new case, then when there was an opportunity to link the drug mafia in the Sushant Singh case, the famous journalists and their media institutions, a very progressive one, accused the media of overthrowing the case. The opposition campaign started.

It is also possible that their bosses behind the scenes are making a profit on this business. They forget that disease, unemployment, poverty, crime, atrocities are rising because of the toxic drug trade. It is important to destroy the elements that make society and the future hollow, regardless of the government. Countries like Germany-Japan-Singapore have controlled the poisonous snake venom with the strictest laws by using full force. There is a provision for even the death penalty in China. In India in the name of human rights, terrorists, smugglers, masked money lenders and leaders who thrive on criminals should not be relieved. The campaign started from Mumbai to be continued across the country.

Author: Alok Mehta is a senior journalist.

(The views expressed in this article are the author’s personal views.)

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