Survivor Season 43: Everything We Know So Far (Including Who’s Been Voted Out)

Survivor Season 43: This past season marked the beginning of Survivor’s “new era,” which included several changes to the show’s long-running format. And now, with two seasons already behind them, a brand new group of castaways have begun their 26-day adventure of a lifetime, hoping to be the next one to join the winner’s circle.

Who was voted out of Survivor Season 43?

Episode 1

Among the contestants for Survivor Season 43, teacher Moriah Young stood out for her vivid sense of style, hair, and personality. A positive atmosphere pervaded the first few months of her time in the Baka classroom. Morrah knew she wasn’t going to be the first woman eliminated after losing the first Immunity Challenge, thanks to her newfound alliance with the other female players. The strength-oriented members of her tribe voted unanimously to eliminate her, so her optimism was misplaced.

Episode 2

The Vesi tribe quickly formed three pairs, as Justine Brennan explained at Tribal Council. In Justine, Nneka was the weak link, but she thought she had her closest ally, Noelle, and the middle pair, Dwight and Jesse, on her side. In contrast, Jesse wanted to get rid of Justine because he saw her as an existing threat to his game. The plan was threatened when Cody discovered the “Beware Advantage,” but the three were still able to outsmart the salesman.

Episode 3

Nneka Ejere, the pharmacist, began the episode in a positive place, secure in her new majority status with male coworkers Cody and Jesse. But after yet another botched puzzle performance, her supporters began to doubt her. Nneka had assumed that Noelle, an outsider, would be fired, but she was caught off guard when her friends and enemies conspired against her.

Episode 4

After a week on the island, Lindsay Carmine had established crucial connections, most notably with the women and James, who seemed to form an unbreakable majority. In spite of the fact that the strategy to vote out Geo was set in stone, she suspected her closest allies of deceiving her. She spoke up at Tribal Council, but her paranoia ultimately got her killed. She was so intense that her allies found her untrustworthy and caught her off guard.

survivor season 43
survivor season 43

 Episode 5

Geo Bustamante appeared to be playing his Survivor season in the dark, despite his frequent use of shade in confessional. Ryan and he thought they had reached the pinnacle of Coco, not realising that he had been eliminated from the show in the previous episode by a single Lindsay spiral. Therefore, when the vote came around again, they knew it was Cassidy’s time to go. However, Cassidy, Karla, and James maintained a majority. While Ryan blatantly pretended he was going, Geo couldn’t believe the project manager’s name was written on a piece of parchment.

Episode 6

Elie Scott, a clinical psychologist, downplayed the fact that she was a game-changer when the various tribes gathered. She took advantage of the initial positive reaction she received from Baka and Vesi to use their trust in her to plot against the former Cocos. However, the pre-merge proved to be her undoing just as the merge was within sight. Gabler, who had grown suspicious of Elie during their time together on Baka, reportedly told others that she had rummaged through his belongings. Elie and her closest (and idol-holding) ally Jeanine were caught off guard when the rest of the Cocos banded together to surprise them.

Episode 7

Dwight Moore, a graduate student, played with obvious diligence in his preparation. For instance, he was the one who correctly assumed that James found an advantage, as well as what that advantage was when the former Baka and Vesi members decided to work together. Jesse and Cody were wary of letting him stay in the game because of this very thing. So, the two of them acted treacherously toward their former tribe member by joining with the Cocos, thereby catching almost half of their tribe off guard.

When Did Survivor Season 43 Start?

On September 21st, Survivor Season 43 made its debut. A two-hour episode was broadcast. In contrast to the first two hours of the previous two seasons, only one contestant was eliminated this time. The show’s next episode, airing on September 28, will be 90 minutes long. For the first time in the show’s history, a second episode will be broadcast that is longer than the first.

When Is The Finale Of Survivor 43?

The end date of Survivor Season 43 has not been revealed. However, if seasons 41 and 42 follow the same pattern, we can expect it to air in December. The shooting for Season 43 of Survivor likely started in the latter half of April or the beginning of May. It’s expected to have filmed for only 26 days, the same as seasons 41 and 42. This is a significant reduction from the typical 39 days used in many previous seasons.

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