Sushant Singh Rajput’s soul seeks freedom from news channel editors Sushant’s soul no longer seeks ‘justice’ but seeks ‘freedom’ from media editors

If the media has raised any question at all after the Corona epidemic, it is the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. In the last few months, Sushant has been found in the news channels running in TRP’s blind race, and there is no possibility that anyone else is taking his place at the moment. Everyone presents this sensitive topic according to their acting. Such an atmosphere is created, as if the responsibility for bringing justice to Sushant rests solely on the shoulders of a select few media channels.

The active participation of the media usually puts pressure on the sluggish public machinery and it begins to work quickly, which is also necessary. But in Sushant’s case, the media has forgotten the difference between pressure and media attempts. For several hours a day, Basir-Toe is continuously covered on Sushant, and the most painful aspect is that most news channels themselves are involved in defining the definition of ‘guilty’ and ‘innocent’. The TV channel’s editors have become judges, the reporter plays the investigative agency and the journalist police. The anchors in the debate show are now directing the verdict through the courtroom.

In the name of bringing justice to Sushant, the studio has been turned into a courtroom where decisions are pronounced and action is also taken. In short, we get to see a new kind of media experiment. Alam of the debate on this topic on most TV channels is that after watching a few minutes, instead of sensitizing the public topic, this debate starts to crackle. Nor is it his fault, for that way of screaming, shouting, humble debates is common in the show, people will now be amazed at it. But in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput’s high-voltage case, its intensity has increased significantly. The anchors become so aggressive that as soon as the hint is received, they drag the so-called criminal to the studio.

Most media houses sit Gandhari on their coverage, i.e. despite having eyes, they have tied the bandage. They know very well what is to be shown and what is not, but in TRP’s wish, the principles of journalism are wrong. It is difficult in words to describe what is happening in the name of land reporting. The media are complacent in Sushant’s case, the editors pat themselves and pat themselves on the back. They assume that no matter what has happened or will happen, it is not possible without them. Probably for the first time, it is seen that the media is more concerned about its ‘success’ than doing justice to the victim’s family.

Whatever has been going on in the TV channels over the last few months, whether or not Sushant has been strengthened to get justice, it’s hard to say at the moment. But it is so certain that if Sushant’s soul could have expressed his wish, he would not have invoked justice, but would have sought freedom from the media. From Mukti Media, from the editors like Mukti Judge and from the questions from Mukti journalists who do not give up the persecution of Sushant even after they have been liberated from the world

After Sushant said goodbye to the world, the way the media originally raised this issue and pressured the government for a CBI investigation is a commendable compliment, but it should stop now. Hundreds of memes are made every day on social media about the role of the media in this case, which shows that people have now become free from media attempts.

Too much of everything is bad, so the editors have to remove the judge and do the same as they are elected to. The credibility of the medium is such that in the circle of questions and characters like Gandhari will only strengthen this circle.

Author: Abhishek Mehrotra is the editor (digital) of Zee News.

(The views expressed in this article are the author’s personal views.)

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