Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Netflix Release Date Estimate

Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Filming for Sweet Magnolias season 3  has concluded, and the show will return to Netflix throughout the world in 2023. Our predictions for the upcoming season are based on our knowledge of the show’s success in its second season, as well as information about any new cast members and plot details we may have learned.

The first season of the Sherryl Woods novel adaptation, which premiered on Netflix in May 2020, will return in the following year for a second instalment.

The sitcom follows lifelong friends Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue as they support each other through love, families, and jobs in the little Southern town of Serenity (similar to Firefly Lane, Virgin River, and Ginny & Georgia).

When did Netflix Renew Sweet Magnolias Season 3?

We didn’t find out whether season 2 would be renewed or cancelled until early May, two months after the season 2 premiere.

Again, we know that Sweet Magnolias Season 3 will have 10 episodes. After receiving confirmation of renewal, the Sweet Magnolias Writers’ Twitter page posted the following message:

“We’re going back to Serenity, y’all! We are so thrilled to share we have a Season 3 of Sweet Magnolias. Can’t wait to welcome y’all home.”

Sweet Magnolias was not renewed in advance like some other shows in the genre, thus its fate ultimately depended on its audience size and how “sticky” it was.

To clarify, we mean that Netflix will consider a number of criteria, including the show’s popularity, in order to calculate something called the adjusted view share.

We thought the show would be renewed because it had a strong fan base and was one of the few that was popular with people all over the United States. Because of this, we thought it was likely to be renewed. Sweet Magnolias Season 3 is being filmed in the same American cities of Covington and Atlanta as before.

sweet magnolias season 3
sweet magnolias season 3

As early as June 2022, the show’s producers were looking for new venues to film. Sheryl Anderson wrote in an Instagram post:

“Thrilled to be plotting and planning Season 3, with friends, old and new!!!”

Show actor Joanna Garcia Swisher announced on Instagram on July 1 that she has coloured her hair again in preparation for her return to the role in the upcoming third season.

In fact, filming for Sweet Magnolias began that July, with the announcement, made on the show’s official page on July 18 of that year. The last day of filming, October 21, 2022, was officially announced.

Sheryl J. Anderson Tweeted the news, stating, “It’s a wrap!”

“We finished filming Season 3 last night. It’s been a joy to spend another season in Serenity, working with, laughing with, and learning from amazing artists in the cast and crew. Our community made something beautiful for you. I’m grateful to them and excited for you to see it!!!”

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Plot

The second season also ends with a number of cliffhangers, maintaining the trend set in the first.

Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue were all left in mourning for Miss Frances at the close of Season 2.   After the funeral, an unexpected incident occurs a proposal and a dispute in the restaurant, which ends with Cal being carried away in handcuffs. After the main three witnessed the video of the damage done to Sullivan’s delivery van’s tyres, someone obviously went back to investigate.

Season 2 was a tough ride for Helen (Heather Headley), but the season concluded with her accepting a proposal from Ryan. That choice is probably going to set off Season 3 of the show.

After season 2 ended, Sheryl J. Anderson did an interview in which she addressed several of the fans’ pressing concerns. Anderson remarked, “I will just say she has a past in common with our ladies and some other folks in town,” adding, “She’s been away for a while, but she has come back with an agenda. She has come home to settle some scores.”

Anderson also hinted that future returns of additional “troublemakers” like Victoria are possible, saying that they may “possibly” happen. Anderson also commented on Dana Sue’s connection, saying that their difficult three-way dance is here to stay.

During an interview with Glamor, Anderson said, “I hope the biggest question that everybody has at the end of season two is: Are they going to get a season three?” This is in contrast to the questions that arose at the end of season two, which he described as “very, very scattered.”

Stars JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Brooke Elliott, and Heather Headley were also confirmed to return alongside the renewal news of Sweet Magnolias Season 3.

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