The Real Story Behind Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Relationship Revealed Here!

Once in a while, a famous pair comes along that almost everyone adores. It might be due to their fame or the fact that they seem so cute together in photos or interviews.

In recent years, Sydney Sweeney has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most talked-about young actors. Some fans of Sweeney, who became well-known thanks to the TV program Euphoria and other factors, are curious about her wealth and wardrobe.

At this point, Glen Powell has not received as much attention as Sweeney. His charm and oratory talents are apparent, and his position as Maverick in Top Gun has undoubtedly helped his career.

Many would like to see Sweeney and Powell go out on a date since they are both attractive and might soon be professionally in the same position. So it was exciting to see Powell and Sweeney’s names in the news. The question naturally follows: why the media is covering the two young actors together?

What Happened Between Sydney Sweeney And Glen Powell?

When HBO’s Euphoria first aired, there were two key points that fans were discussing. There was great anticipation for the new program since it would include the always-popular performer Zendaya. After then, audiences couldn’t get enough of the film’s depiction of the film’s extraordinary events in Euphoria.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Relationship

However, shortly after Euphoria’s initial success, attention shifted to another facet of the performance. Upon more exposure, Sydney Sweeney’s Euphoria performance shot to the top of the ratings. Sweeney has been able to parlay the attention she received for her performance in Euphoria into several high-profile parts.

Sweeney has found success on the small screen, appearing in the first season of the smash hit TV series The White Lotus. In addition, Sweeny has been offered roles in several films. For the forthcoming Marvel film Madame Web, Sweeney will assume the role of Julia Carpenter, better known as Spider-Woman in the comics.

Glen Powell has been constantly employed throughout the early 2000s, long before his breakout role in Top Gun: Maverick. Powell’s filmography includes performances in various films, including The Dark Knight Rises, The Expendables 3, Ride Along 2, and Hidden Figures.

Powell is also one of the performers that renowned filmmaker Richard Linklater enjoys working with. After all, Powell has been in three of Linklater’s films: Fast Food Nation, Everybody Wants Some!!, and Apollo 11/2: The Boy Who Would Be a Rocket. Powell will also feature in a forthcoming film by Linklater titled Hitman.

Sweeney and Powell have featured in several of the previous productions, but they have never shared the screen. Fortunately, it seems that will change very shortly.

Sweeney and Powell were seen together in March of 2023 and seemed to be having a good time. After seeing photos of Powell and Sweeney on a boat together, many people naturally concluded that the two had started dating.

This is not the case despite the widespread belief that Sweeney and Powell are an item since they were seen in swimsuits together. Contrary to popular belief, Powell and Sweeney did not take a trip together. Instead, they were busy shooting the romantic comedy they would star in.

Those sad that Sweeney and Powell don’t go steady may be missing the bigger picture. After all, romantic comedy watchers have much to look forward to with the chance to witness Powell and Sweeney as lovers on the big screen.

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Who Is Sydney Sweeney Dating?

Sydney Sweeney’s private life has been in the news a few times in the years after her meteoric rise to stardom. The viral images of Sweeney’s family brought the family much attention.

Despite the intense scrutiny Sweeney is subjected to. Most people know very little about the actor’s private life. In any case, many of Sweeney’s followers don’t realize that he’s been unavailable for years.

People magazine announced Sweeney’s engagement with Jonathan Davino in 2022. Since Davino isn’t a famous figure like Sweeney is, their relationship has remained beneath the radar, but they supposedly have been dating for years.

An article in Cosmopolitan describes Davino, a businessman engaged to a renowned celebrity, as 13 years older than she is. Davino and his family own the firm’s 14th Round and Final Bell, formerly in Chicago.

Is Glen Powell Single In Real Life?

Glen Powell’s name first appeared in the tabloids several years ago. This is because he dated Nina Dobrev in 2016 and 2017, and since her relationship with ex-co-star Ian Somerhalder, the media has been fascinated with stories about their romance.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Relationship

Powell’s romance with Dobrev didn’t continue long, but he’s been seeing someone else for almost three years as of this writing. Powell’s relationship with model Gigi Paris dates back to 2020. Paris was found at 14 and has been a model ever since, as reported by People.

Paris was employed by major brands like Mercedes-Benz, Revolve, and Nordstrom when she first started as a model. Paris also appeared in the music video for Keith Urban’s song “Somewhere In My Car.”

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