Some Central Coast Residents Receive California Gas Tax Refund, Some Still Waiting

Gas tax rebates are on their way to people on the Central Coast if they haven’t already.

Collin Kuykendall, a student at California State University, Chico, went to Santa Maria to see his relatives. And now he has to pay the price.

Some Residents Receive Gas Tax Refund In California

“It costs me about $175 to get all the way down here and $175 to go all the way back up,” said Kuykendall. “Most of my days I spend riding my bike and skateboarding around chico. I rarely ever drive because of gas prices.”

Millions of Californians are having trouble keeping up with the high prices at the pump, but help is on the way in the form of gas tax rebates. The governor’s office has stated that people can expect payments of up to $1,050. The Central Coast drivers are on board.

San Luis Obispo local Daniel Slusser said, “Anything that puts money back into the pockets of people spending money on gas is a good thing.”

tax refund california
tax refund california

The rebate amount depends on your adjusted gross income and the number of dependents you claimed on your tax return. In the meantime, some drivers are changing how they spend money to make it work.

“You only put forty dollars?” said NewsChannel reporter Karen Cruz-Ordua.

Santa Maria local Gloria Pida said, “Just $40 dollars.”

In response, Karen Cruz-Ordua asked, “And that did not fill up your tank?”

“It’s not getting any fuller,” Pida said.

If you filed your taxes electronically in 2020, you will receive a rebate that will be deposited directly into your bank account.

In all other cases, a debit card will be issued with the rebate amount.

The college student wished, “I hope I do qualify. Yeah, um- I have not received it yet, that’ll be really nice. But at the same time, I don’t know how much it’s going to help me because I would need a stimulus every couple of weeks just to keep on day to day with how much gas prices are at the moment.”

Direct deposits will continue through November 14th, and some Californians will receive debit cards beginning October 25th and lasting through January 15th, according to the governor’s office.

Depending on income and whether or not a dependent was claimed, recipients of these payments will receive somewhere from $200 to $700 (for individuals) and $400 to $1,050 (for married couples filing jointly).

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