Taxi Driver 2: What To Be Expected?

‘Taxi Driver’ is a South Korean crime drama television series produced by Studio S and Cho Sung-hoon, based on Carlos and Lee Jae-Webtoon jin’s ‘The Deluxe Taxi.’ Park Joon-woo directs the series. Lee Je-hoon, Esom, and Kim Eui-sung appeared in this television series, Taxi Driver. It began on SBS TV on April 9, 2021, and concluded on May 29, 2021. It is based on the webtoon The Deluxe Taxi by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin.

With numerous episodes that generate a consensus among viewers, the actors’ solid acting skills and application of vicarious gratification justice are gaining popularity. The drama’s crime phenomena are based on real-life horrible crimes perpetrated in Korea. The conclusion received the fourth top mark of any SBS Friday-Saturday program.

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Overall the fans and the critics both admired the storyline and performances of the characters. It hit the mark of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb. Fans are overjoyed for the next season, but they are also eager to learn when the much-anticipated season 2 of Taxi Driver will premiere. As the show is coming with the next chapter, it has increased the excitement level of the fans. Let us figure out the possibilities of Taxi Driver Season 2.

Taxi Driver 2 Release Date

We have good news for Korean drama fans. Taxi Driver, the popular K-drama, is getting a second season. The renewal of Taxi Driver season 2 was announced on July 6, 2021. Although there isn’t much information about the filming and production at the moment, Studio S intends to release the next season next year.

According to reports, the producer behind the drama Taxi Driver, Studio S, is in talks to begin work on a new season as soon as possible. When actor Lee Je Hoon stated that a season 2 would be a brilliant idea, he dropped a major clue.

Taxi Driver 2
Taxi Driver 2

In terms of specifics, the exact release date of the second season has yet to be announced, but it is expected to arrive in 2022 and if things get delayed it might be extended to 2023. However, the chances for the former is more and the fans would get the next chapter in 2022.

According to a report, an SBS source stated about season two of Taxi Driver, It is currently under discussion with the scheduling and time frames being matched. It has not yet been confirmed. But this news also gives a ray of hope for the arrival of the next season. It is expected that the makers will come with more details on this soon, then we could get the exact idea of the whole thing.

Taxi Driver 2 Cast

Well, for now, it is difficult to comment on the cast of the upcoming season. However, the cast of season one was stellar and the audience enjoyed watching them. Hence, we can deduce that most of the original members of the series would be part of the next season. But we can say, to bring some additional drama to the show, the makers will come up with some new and bold characters, however, the names are yet to be disclosed.

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In season 1, we have met Lee Je-hoon as Kim Do-gi, Esom as Kang Ha-na, Kim Eui-sung as Jang Sung-Chul, Pyo Ye-jin as Ahn Go-eun, Jang Hyuk-jin as Choi Kyung-goo, Bae Yoo-ram as Park Jin-eon, Cha Ji-Yeon as Baek Sung-mi, Yoo Seung-Mok as Cho Jin-woo, Lee Yoo-Joon as Wang Min-ho, Yu Yeon-su as So-eun, Lee Ho-Cheol as Goo Seok-Tae, Cho Hyun-woo as Cho Do-Chul, Heo Jung-do as Park Dong-pil and many more. As per the expectations, most of them will be back in season 2.

Taxi Driver 2 Plot

As the official synopsis is not yet and the fans are waiting for some hints on the same. It is expected that the drama will bring more challenges for Lee in the next season. We have seen the honest officer but his life suddenly gets revered because of the tragic incident. Now, this could be more intensified in the next season. It will be interesting to see how he will manage all those things.

It is assumed that the story will be full of fun and the viewers will get another punch of entertainment. As we know, the drama is based on a novel, we anticipate that a new and exciting storyline will be developed for the next season.

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In the coming days, some details could be extracted from the hints. For now, we have to wait patiently for the official updates.

Taxi Driver 2 Trailer

SBS decided to be back with another installment of this crime drama. However, the dates are not specified yet. It seems like for the trailer, fans will have to wait. As there are no updates on the production of season 2.

There are chances that the trailer will be out somewhere in 2022. But before that, showrunners may come up with some clips. We will keep you updated, as we get any more from the developers’ end. Keep following us if you want to stay up to date on your favorite shows.

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