Inside TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul Divorce

There has been a significant amount of rumors about Taylor Frankie Paul’s Divorce. There has always been a fair amount of controversy surrounding TikTok stars, the saga surrounding Taylor Frankie Paul has raised the stakes considerably. Some on Reddit and TikTok have speculated that Taylor and Tate are getting a divorce due to the recent drama, however, Taylor’s own TikTok videos make it difficult to determine whether elements of this narrative are accurate.

In addition to becoming a TikTok sensation, Taylor Paul is also an influencer, social media personality, and Internet celebrity from the US. Her TikTok channel is renowned for its parenting content. Frankie Taylor’s social media is buzzing about Paul’s divorce and affair with Brayden Rowley. They were already on the verge of a breakup since the couple was sleeping in different rooms.

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Is Taylor Frankie Paul Divorcing her Husband?

Taylor appears to have announced that she and her husband Tate are divorcing in an Instagram post. “The last eight days have been the most pain I’ve ever felt in my life,” Taylor wrote in a post. “Family and friends have been helping me cope with the loss of my family. We are divorcing, but I will always love Tate, and this is what is best for both of us. I have a long way to go, but I’m optimistic about the future.”

Many Redditors gathered there after the divorce was announced to speculate about what might have triggered it. Internet rumor had it that Tate’s pals were siding with him in the breakup because Taylor had cheated on him. It was also pointed out that Taylor and Tate had been sleeping apart for some time and their marriage was effectively over.

Taylor Frankie Paul divorce
Taylor Frankie Paul divorce

Taylor Has Also Posted on TikTok About the Split

Additionally, Taylor has made multiple TikToks in which she makes cryptic comments about her current circumstances. For the first time since getting divorced and having two children, she writes in a video that she is in her 20s and about to live alone with them. In the video, Taylor appears to have just moved into a new home, and she proudly displays her new keys.

In another, she displays a video of her moving boxes and laments the state of her life as a whole. However, in recent videos, Taylor has appeared to hint that the news of her divorce may not have been as straightforward as it first appeared, causing a dramatic upheaval in the narrative she had built up.

Paul Explains Why She and Her Husband Sleep in Separate Rooms

Taylor Paul, a TikTok mom, and social media celebrity say that there is no one “correct” way to make a marriage work.

American mom of two Tate, 27, admits to sleeping in a separate room from her husband recently and raised eyebrows. According to Taylor, she and her husband both have quite distinct sleeping patterns and preferences, so they decided to split their bedrooms When Tate claimed to be sleeping in the guest room while searching for a piece of clothing, things got out of hand.


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Her mother recalled that at first, it was hilarious since he’d be in her room looking for a shirt and then leave the room to look for the item and never return. “It started out extremely amusing because he’d be in our room looking for a shirt, and then he’d go look for the garment and never come back,” she explained.

When asked if she missed having her husband by her side as she slept, Taylor said she did not. They couldn’t sleep together because of Tate’s “weird” sleeping patterns, she said. This worked great for him because he sleepwalks, talks, and does other frightening things, she explained.

“He loves the temperature to be quite low, whereas I prefer it to be very high. Stillness and white noise are two of his favorite things.” During one of her other videos, Taylor let viewers into her and her husband’s two bedrooms.

Taylor May Not Be Divorcing After All

Taylor’s newest video has a photo montage of her and Tate as well as footage of the two of them dancing. “It’s on Reddit, so it has to be true. ‘ My best buddy and I are so excited to be co-parents! “According to the post, It appears that Tate and Taylor will at least continue to live together, which left many of Taylor’s fans perplexed.

Divorce is not amusing, so while I don’t want them to divorce, I don’t want this to be a joke either. It was also speculated that it was a PR hoax by some other people. Whatever is going on, it appears that the whole tale of this probable divorce is still a mystery to us.

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