Tear Gas Used to Disperse Protestors Outside Arizona Capitol Building, Officials Say

Protesters and supporters of the verdict converged on the Supreme Court’s building in Washington, DC, and other locations across the country after the court overruled Roe v. Wade on Friday, stating that there is no longer a federal constitutional right to an abortion.

It was found that protests of a similar nature were scheduled to take place all around the United States this coming weekend. The events are being organized by a diverse range of groups, including Planned Parenthood, Bans Off Our Bodies, and the Women’s March.

In Arizona, police deployed tear gas on Friday night to disperse a crowd of pro-choice demonstrators near the State Capitol in Phoenix.

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Tear Gas Used to Disperse Protestors

Bart Graves, a spokesman for Arizona’s Department of Public Safety, told that tear gas was used after a crowd of protesters continuously knocked on the glass doors of the State Senate Building.

After a statue was defaced in the Wesley Bolin Plaza, where the tear gas was released, the mob migrated across the street, where Graves said the incident occurred.

“While working inside we were interrupted by the sound of bangs and smell of tear gas,” Arizona State Rep. Sarah Liguori, a Democrat, tweeted from inside the building. She added: “Protestors cleared from the Capitol.”

Several Arizona abortion clinics announced on their websites that they had temporarily suspended abortion services in advance of the protests because of the lack of legislative clarity around the issue.

The politicians were working on a couple of policy topics when they heard the demonstrators, according to a tweet by a Republican state representative for Arizona Justin Wilmeth.

“As I heard it, some either banged on Senate windows or broke them and then DPS launched smoke bombs to disperse the crowds. Pure chaos for a bit,” Wilmeth tweeted.

Tear Gas Disperse Protestors
Tear Gas Disperse Protestors

Protests Were Held In Front of The Supreme Court

One woman said affiliated with WJLA that the decision was an outrage. “It’s illegitimate. Abortion bans are illegitimate,” the woman said. “Forced motherhood is illegitimate.” Attendees were solicited for funds for abortion rights activists and drugs for abortion.

Others who disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion rights were also in the audience. A man stood among signs reading “Roe is dead” and “I am the post-Roe generation” and sprayed champagne into the air once the judgment was handed down. Even though several dozen pro-life protesters showed there in the afternoon, they seemed to have dispersed by nightfall.

Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets of Greenwich Village to march and chant. The f-word was aimed at Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in one of the shouts. Some anti-abortion extremists showed up to the march, but they kept to themselves, and our team who followed the protesters didn’t spot any physical altercations.

The 110 freeway through downtown Los Angeles was blocked by demonstrators. Protesters claimed they were showing their support for women in states where abortion is illegal.

The federal courthouse in Austin, Texas, attracted a sizable crowd. Many people shared their terrifying and disheartening tales in a microphone. Some of them were holding signs that read things like “Pro-life is a fraud, they don’t care if we die.”

Abortion rights activists in Washington, DC, closed the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge by climbing to the top. From the top of the bridge, where he had unfurled a giant green banner, Guido Reichstadter shared videos and images of himself on social media. The color green has come to represent abortion rights. Reichstadter also hung a “Don’t walk on my uterus” banner from the bridge.

Several hundred individuals from two separate protests in Atlanta came together in front of the Capitol. They were almost unanimous in their opposition to the decision. Some kilometers away from where the main throng started their march.

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