Who Is Ted Cruz Wife? Ted and His Partner Political Career!

Since 2013, Rafael Edward Cruz has held the position of junior United States senator from Texas. He is an American politician, lawyer, and political commentator. Cruz, a Republican, served as Texas’ solicitor general from 2003 until 2008.

Cruz followed a career in politics after earning degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. Cruz eventually served as a policy advisor in the George W. Bush administration. Cruz was appointed to the position of Solicitor General by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott in 2003. He held the position until 2008.

Ted Cruz Wife

Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was this week caught in the crossfire between her husband and Republican challenger Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is a senator from Texas. Businesswoman Heidi Suzanne Cruz is from the United States. Since 2012, she has served as a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

Cruz finished her postsecondary education at Harvard Business School, Université libre de Bruxelles, and Claremont McKenna College. She served as the 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush’s economic policy adviser and then had a number of posts in the Bush Presidency, including counselor to the Treasury Department and National Security Council.

She worked for Goldman Sachs as an executive in finance

She was a powerful investment manager at Goldman Sachs’ Houston private wealth management unit before her husband Ted Cruz declared his candidacy. Cruz began working for J.P. Morgan’s emerging markets division in New York not long after she completed her undergraduate studies.

She was drawn to this field because she had previously spent summers in Africa working as a missionary with her Seventh-Day Adventist parents. Cruz picked up Spanish while working in the Latin American markets at the banking company.

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She obtained her MBA from Harvard Business School and a Master’s in European Business from the Solvay Brussels School at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium. Cruz attended Claremont McKenna College for her undergraduate studies in economics and international relations, where she was active in the College Republicans club.

Ted Cruz Wife

She has a strong history in politics and governance

She joined the George W. Bush 2000 presidential campaign after graduating from Harvard Business School, working out of the Austin, Texas office where she later met her future husband.

She was hired in the office of the US trade representative at the time of Bush’s inauguration and transferred to the Treasury Department in 2002. Cruz was chosen to lead the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council in 2003.

Cruz has indirectly had a small amount of influence over her spouse. Ted Cruz’s chief of staff called her during his 21-hour Senate speech criticizing Obamacare to ask for a suggestion for a bedtime story that might be read to their two girls from the floor. Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” was her recommendation.

Here is a Twitter post related to Ted Cruz’s Wife:

Cruz, a mother of two who is 43, has stated that she is “not worried” about Trump’s promises to further embarrass her in the 2016 election. Cruz may not have much of an option but to be in the spotlight, though, with her husband being the biggest challenge to the GOP front-runner.

Cruz retorted that while they were both running for president, he and Trump “beat the living crap out of each other.” “I tell you, Heidi laughed when he said that,” Cruz said. “My father laughed, by the way — my dad didn’t just kill Kennedy, he’s got Jimmy Hoffa buried in the backyard. It was idiotic.”

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