Ted Lasso Season 3 Shooting Has Begun – With a New Outfit!

This is a momentous day for Ted Lasso, even though we’ll have to wait a long time to see it. After all, season 3 is now officially in the works!

In the last week, filming on the latest episode of the Apple TV+ series has officially begun. Filming had originally been scheduled for February but was pushed back due to certain scheduling complications involving stadiums.

It doesn’t matter, since we now know that the shooting of the scenes has begun!

Ted Lasso season 3
Ted Lasso season 3

The New Outfit

On top of that, there’s some exciting kit news to report today: This season, AFC Richmond will have a new sponsor: Nike! A spokesperson for the athletic brand confirmed the story via social media during the past two days.

Richmond’s return to the Premier League makes it logical for them to announce something like this, as real-life football clubs sometimes switch up their uniform providers.

Suppose for a moment that Ted Lasso’s Richmond team was a genuine thing—how many people would want to supply their kits? They’d make for one of the most heartwarming tales ever!

Even though the show is imaginary, it nevertheless has a remarkable power to connect with individuals in the real world. Having a good time with your friends is as important as playing soccer, but it’s also about your mental health.

Season 3 is the most difficult because you don’t know if it’s the last one. We’ve known from the start that this was a three-year plan, and it’s never been entirely obvious if Jason Sudeikis or the writers would eventually develop beyond that.

What do you hope to see in Ted Lasso’s season 3?  What are your thoughts on the upcoming third season? Is it something you’re excited about, or are you worried that it might be the last?

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Final Lines

If you have any queries, you can ask them in the space provided below!

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