The Inspiring Journey of Terry Crews Kids and His Beautiful Family!

Terry Alan Crews is a former American football player, actor, and television host from the United States. He portrays Terry Jeffords in the Fox and NBC sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013–2021) and Julius Rock in the UPN/CW comedy Everybody Hates Chris (2005–2009).

Crews hosted the American version of the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from 2014 to 2015 and appeared in the BET reality series The Family Crews (2010–2011). Crews played defensive end and linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams, San Diego Chargers, and Washington Redskins in the National Football League (NFL).

As well as for the Rhein Fire in the World League of American Football (WLAF), and Western Michigan University in college football. Here is more information about his wife and kids.

Terry Crews Kids

Through thick and thin, Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews have remained friends. Before becoming a football star and years before being well-known on both the big and small screens, the actor met his wife. While their paths did meet while they were both students at Western Michigan University in the 1980s, there was no instant chemistry.

Terry Crews Kids

They finally developed a romantic relationship, got hitched in 1989, and went on to have a family together. After retiring from the NFL in 1997, Terry pursued acting, and the entire family was cast in the 2010 reality series The Family Crews.

Terry Crews is disclosing one of his addiction’s darkest moments. America’s Got Talent presenter, 54, recalled being “angry” with his five children as he fought a secret p*rn addiction while speaking to Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast.

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Terry is the father of four daughters and one son, totaling five kids. Naomi Burton-Crews, who was born in 1989, is the Crews family’s elder child. Naomi was adopted by Terry and is the daughter of his wife, Rebecca King Crews, from a prior relationship.

The first kid to be born to Terry and Rebecca in 1990, Azriél, comes next. Azriél made the same decision to work in entertainment as Terry. With a degree in musical theater from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, she graduated in 2015, and she currently performs as Azriél Patricia.

Isaiah, 17, Wynfrey, 18, Tera, 23, Azriel, 33, and Naomi are the children of Rebecca King-Crews and Crews, respectively. Crews recalls choosing conflicts with his wife so she “wouldn’t ask more questions.”

“Poor woman,” he said. “It was horrible. My kids, I would be angry at them for getting in the way.” In their 2021 audio memoir, Crews and King-Crews share in intimate detail — sometimes funny, other times heartbreaking, but always hopeful — the events that almost destroyed their relationship, and how their love survived.

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