The 4th industrial revolution is real, but there is also an alternate reality | Fourth industrial revolution: half reality, half flood

the world changes. The world of work, education, economics and even politics is at the height of a fundamental revolution. The basis of this revolution is technology, or rightly so called information and contact technology. This technology decides how we see the world. The science fiction that was seen decades ago is now a reality.

In fact, because of this current image, many people feel that we are in the middle of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Well, his explanation comes in two different forms. One view is that the revolution is underway, while another is that it is coming to an end. Regardless, it has not yet fully emerged in the form in which the terminology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution should be used. But something fundamental is happening.

Look at the work itself. The use of remote work is an option for many companies. The work is distributed through different units and then sent to different parts of the world. “Outsourcing” is an apt term for this.

Similar changes will occur in the case of manufacturing and the real economy. The IoT, that is, “ Internet of Things ”, will more engage machines, gadgets and devices with technology. The world will be a place guided by technology, where only the instruments will dominate. In the future, robots will do everything humans do as well. “Artificial Intelligence” will also be present to replace humans. All of this will have a profound political impact. “Geopolitical” attractions will continue to exist outside and within countries, but technology will determine competition for power and the center of power itself. In this way, technology and control will become important. The outcry over the information and dissemination of Chinese company Huawei is just one example. The image seen in this case may be just a small part of a major crisis.

This phase is not far off where the struggle for technology, trying to reach for it, propagation and distribution, will not only decide war and peace but will also determine development and poverty. Poor countries without resources and without capital can take a leap forward in the development process. However, suddenly, it will be difficult to compete. It will depend on whether a country has the technology or not? How is the pace of a new start? With this, the network will also be affected. However, in a comparative way, it seems possible that the backward countries are also able to create an economic synergy with other countries.

The flow of capital will also suddenly increase to a level. It will also crucially involve a particular country’s technology and how to adopt it. Just like businesses, countries will also change as a brand or their focus will be on branding. They will certainly have something special to offer.

All in all, the world will be completely different in a few decades. If it is to be explained as a symbol, then the world, its politics, its economy and its industry will be “Amazonized”. (This name is derived from the Amazon company) The question is, will such a world be peaceful and conflict-free or partition-free? Will this world be more convincing and suggestive? So will there be a desolate world or a world of dreams?

However, these are strong words and a delighted way to understand the new world. This view does not really correspond to the human condition. In the true sense of the word, there is never a situation like Biyaban or Ardashlok. The truth is always complicated and awkward. If the world is preparing for revolutionary change, future circumstances will not be harmful to humans. If the present world and the revolutionary changes brought about by technology so far can be understood, then the direction of the future can also be understood. It can be directed to good results.

There is one more thing here. It is also necessary to decide on the direction of change as it relates to our modern age. It is related to human ownership of nature. While a person is to remain independent, control should not be entirely performed by machines. You can’t imagine a world ravaged by technology, where machines go crazy and destroy everything. In contrast, restraint, proportion and balance must be created in the new world. A world where technology is an essential truth, but not only linked to human life but also to its aid.

how will it be?
It is a difficult question, but it must be answered. Even if this is not the case, if for example we say that the industry is completely autonomous, where only special people work. In other words, if most people are not working, such a situation will be dominated by machines rather than humans. Considering the growing world population and the social sharing of labor, what will people do if there is some work for humans? Who will produce for whom? A big question is: what are people going to eat?

The answer to this question is rooted in the transition to a different world. In other words, a world where there is a balance between man and machine, the two are equal in the pot and where there is equality. Therefore, this important technology issue cannot be ignored. If technological supremacy is accepted by allowing human intervention and balancing with the machine, allowing it to develop logically, then it will be difficult. In such a situation, a political revolution is not far off, which will swallow, scramble or overwhelm the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So now is the right time to reduce the importance of technology, balance and adjust the ratio.

(Author Wajahat Qazi is particularly interested in politics, global security, and political economy. The opinions expressed in this article are the personal views of the author.)

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