The Bad Guys Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing our all-time favorite animated movie called the bad guys.  Well! who doesn’t love animated movies?  As well as I know I am completely in love with animated movies and I have some interesting updates for you. 

This upcoming movie is going to give you all the chills and vibes of Fast and Furious with cars fighting to chase and a lot of heists. This upcoming movie going to add all the excitement and drama you have been looking for in an animated movie all these years and you won’t be disappointed at all. 

It has all been decided by universal pictures to release another animated crime comedy known as The Bad Guys.  This upcoming film is directed by  Pierre Perifel and the plot of this upcoming movie is written by Hilary Winston and  Etan Cohen. The story is completely based on the children’s book by Aaron Blabey with a similar name. This movie is been produced by Ethan Cohen, Patrick Hughes,  Aaron Blabey,  Rebecca Huntley, and Damon Ross.

The trailer for this upcoming movie has already been released and it is all worth it for the hype. We have gathered everything you need to know about this upcoming movie so keep on reading further to know the release date, cast, trailer of this upcoming show. 


The Bad Guys Release Date

The Bad Guys are going to be released in theatres on 22nd April 2022.  So do not forget to mark this date and watch this upcoming movie. 

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The Bad Guys Trailer

The trailer begins with Mr wolf who would be the main character of the story having a completely aggressive car race just as Fast and Furious.  He would then introduce all the audience to his group which would be including all the adorable characters of this upcoming movie that is Mr. Shark, Mr snake, Mr. Piranha, and Ms. Tarantula. This team would work as a team of robbers and would Pull off of various heists together.

However, it is not depicted as Mr wolf being a bad character in the story. He would be a good person somewhere in his heart and the story would gradually show that to u. He would be seen helping people and become a happy person when anyone praised him for his work.

Gradually he would also want to change himself when Professor Marmaladelade said that he and everyone else would get a chance to change themselves.  However, the main question is would this be that simple for him? definitely not! And as we have seen in the trailer this movie is going to show us a lot of car chases and a set of new and super cool fights with the villains. So do not forget to watch the trailer if you haven’t yet and let us know in the comments below your views about this.

The Bad Guys
The Bad Guys

The Bad Guys Plot

The Movie first shows the criminal gang of the bad guys that includes Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Shark, Mr. Snake, Mr. Piranha, and their head, Mr. Wolf. All of them as a team would pull off many bank robberies and one day they would get caught. 

This movie will show if they are going to switch to some good side or will continue all the crime they have been doing.  So to find out what will happen next you have to wait till the 22nd of April and we’re sure this movie is not going to disappoint you in any way. 

The Bad Guys: Cast

  • Mr. Wolf is played by Sam Rockwell, the leader and a pickpocket of the Bad Guys gang.
  • Mr. Snake played by Marc Maron, would be a Burmese python who would be sarcastic in nature and a complete expert in breaking through safes.
  • Mr. Piranha played by Anthony Ramos, would be a Bolivian red-bellied piranha.
  • Mr. Shark is played by Craig Robinson, he would be a great white shark who would be an expert in disguising.
  • Ms. Tarantula played by Awkwafina, is a spiky red knee tarantula with an outstanding knowledge of hacking.
  • Tiffany Fluffit played by Lilly Singh, a news reporter.
  • Professor Rupert Marmalade IV played by Richard Ayoade, would be an arrogant guinea pig who would be seen keen about philanthropy. 
  • Diane Foxington played by Zazie Beetz, a red fox who would also be the governor and also Mr. Wolf’s love interest.
  • Chief Loggins played by Alex Borstein, who would be a hot-headed police chief.

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No matter if you are a fan of animation or not it is highly recommendable that you should watch this movie.  This production of Dreamwork is just not another kid movie but it has a lot more on it with a set of cute characters and some real action and this movie is going to be completely funded. 

Let us know in the comment below your views about this upcoming crime comedy and till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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