The Boy and the Heron Release Date: What Can We Expect to See the New Season?

Hayao Miyazaki is back in theaters with “The Boy and the Heron.” Let’s look at what we know about this famous director’s new movie.

Miyazaki began working for A-Pro and Toei Animation. “The Castle of Cagliostro,” his first feature film, was directed by him in 1979. He then contributed to the founding of Studio Ghibli.

As one of the greatest animators of all time, Miyazaki is credited with creating numerous well-known films with Studio Ghibli.

His film “Spirited Away” took home the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and was the biggest box office hit in Japan. Oscar nominations were also received by “The Wind Rises” and “Howl’s Moving Castle.” Despite his declaration in 2013 that he would not be directing any more films, Miyazaki returned to helm his twelfth film, “The Boy and the Heron.”

The Boy and the Heron Release Date

The Boy and the Heron premiered at the London Film Festival in October and was released in Japan on July 14. However, it won’t arrive in the United States until December 8 and in the United Kingdom on December 26.

Just in time for March’s Academy Awards, Ghibli’s most recent release. With blockbuster movies like Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and Super Mario Bros., 2023 was a great year for animated movies, but the well-known artist is sure to make waves with his project.

The Boy and the Heron Trailer

The first trailer was released on September 6 by GKIDS Films. The teaser trailer for “The Boy and the Heron” doesn’t reveal everything just yet. Spooky music plays while we get quick glimpses of various scenes.

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