The Crew Motorfest Release Date: Experience the Ultimate Racing Festival!

There are only a few months left till the release of The Crew 3. At Ubisoft Forward 2023, the release date for The Crew Motorfest was announced, the next installment in the critically acclaimed racing game series co-developed by Ubisoft and Ivory Tower. A new trailer was released alongside the news, displaying the game’s tropical environment, off-roading, and the wide variety of automobiles that players will be able to acquire, drive, and personalize.

The Crew Motorfest closed beta was announced alongside the game’s release date, giving players a chance to try out the new game, its modes, and the updated handling model before committing to a pre-order. Today marks the beginning of registration for the beta version of the game.
We discuss Ubisot’s new open-world racing game, The Crew Motorfest, including its announced release date and how to sign up for the closed beta.

What is The Crew Motorfest Release Date?

The Crew Motorfest, according to Ubisoft, will be released on September 14, 2023. During today’s Ubisoft Forward stream, the game’s launch date was revealed.

The Crew Motorfest’s official Twitter account also confirms the release date:

The Crew Motorfest, once again created by franchise guardians Ivory Tower, marks the first time the series has been filmed outside of North America. The Crew Motorfest, which takes place on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, appears to take inspiration from Forza Horizon’s festival-style setting but will include its own diverse roster of vehicles.

How to Sign Up for The Crew Motorfest’s Closed Beta?

Ubisoft’s forthcoming arcade racer will be released on September 14, 2023, but you can sign up to play it today. The dates of July 21–23, 2023, have been set for the closed beta. A Ubisoft account, ideally one tied to a console or PC, is all that is needed to sign up for the closed beta.

Here are the easy steps you need to take to join the closed beta:

  • Visit Ubisoft’s main site. The Crew can be found toward the bottom of the list of options.
  • Go to the “Participate in Closed Beta” section of the game’s page.
  • To sign up, just click “Register” and then choose your favorite device.
  • The next step is to create or use an existing Ubisoft account to register.
  • You’ll be added to the closed beta testing group after logging in.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have to wait to hear back from Ubisoft through email to see if you made the cut for the restricted beta. The Crew Motorfest’s closed beta will require an active internet connection.

The Crew Motorfest Gameplay

At the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12th, 2023, we saw the first gameplay video from the game. The gaming footage we saw was just stunning. The game demonstrates the variety of automobiles available and the range of competitions open to them. You and your pals can have a great time completing three playlist events. Have fun with the game!

The Crew Motorfest Release Date

In contrast to The Crew 2, which included the entire country as its map, The Crew Motorfest highlights only specific states, such as Hawaii. The game’s speedometer on the screen will take on a retro look when you’re racing around in vintage vehicles. In addition, you won’t have access to a GPS system. Use the pictures as clues to figure out where you need to go.

There will be around 600 vehicles available at launch, and more will be added in subsequent updates and downloadable content. There’s a lot to do in The Crew Motorfest, but you might not know that you can also import any automobile you’ve ever owned prior to The Crew 2 into the event. When you first start the game, you’ll be given the choice to import those automobiles.

But whether or not consumers may bypass this choice and still import the automobiles afterward is unclear. The enhanced photo option is another great addition to The Crew Motorfest. You are no longer restricted to taking images at the same time every day. Daytime, sunrise, afternoon, evening, dusk, and nighttime are all options.

You can learn about upcoming episodes, series, and games by reading the corresponding threads:

Platforms for The Crew Motorfest

There is a wide variety of devices on which The Crew Motorfest can be played. PC players can choose from Epic Games, the Ubisoft Store, and Ubisoft Connect. Those who want to play on a console can also get their hands on a PS4, PS5, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S.

This should result in a large initial player pool and, fingers crossed, the inclusion of cross-generational play in the multiplayer mode.

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