The Dehumanisation Of NFL Players Is Exemplified By Gil Brandt’s Statements Regarding Dwayne Haskins

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing a recent comment made by Gil Brandt who also was a Former Dallas Cowboys scout. He had made some disappointing and very ugly comments about Dwayne Haskins. Brandt was seen making fun of Dwayne Haskins which didn’t turn out to be so well. He had been slammed by the fans for making such comments even for fun.

This comment was made by Brandt on the Sirius XM NFL station where he said, That Dwayne was a guy surviving to be dead as it was always something with him, and if he would have stayed in school for a year or more, he must not be doing such silly things such as taking a jog on a highway. He also mentions that Dwayne Haskins was killed by a truck while crossing the highway. However, Brandt apologized for his comments but it was too late for him to do so.

Dwayne Haskins Controversy
Dwayne Haskins Controversy

He further mentioned in an interview that after learning about Dwayne Haskins’ passing he had reacted very insensitively and carelessly during the interview.  He said that he would like to apologize to his family and any other person who must have heard his words. He is in support of his family and he wishes them all the strength during this difficult time.

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Brandt’s Opinion About Dwayne Haskins Is an Example of How NFL Players Are Treated

Brandt also mentioned that after hearing the passing news of Dwayne he has acted in such a certain way and he was very much guilty for that. With all his comments a lot of fans were very much upset with this sad news and had questioned the entire team if they treat their players in such a way. They also mentioned that it was a certain dehumanization of a player and it was the most inappropriate thing said by Brandt. 

Even though this comment was made the actual truth about the NFL is that a lot of players are Treated in a similar way and a lot of players were against the comments made by Brandt. This also reveals how they are being treated by the team. All the fans and players were upset by the comments and over Haskins.  NFL was also criticized by Colin Kaepernick mentioning that the players are being treated as modern-day slavery.

If we emphasize the ways in which the death of  Dwayne Haskins’ has been treated, all the fans believe that most of the players are being treated as slaves by the team.  The former wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys,  Bryant also agreed on the same and had to find out about this after another insider of the NFL Adam Schefter. He mentions that Haskin was going through a lot during his time of death. Gill also said that Haskins was surviving to die and Schefter was the one who shared about his struggle after his death. He also mentioned to all the athletes that they have to speak in such cases or else they would stay in that cycle forever.

All the athletes such as Kaepernick and Bryant are tired of being treated as such as their opinions never mattered. The comments made by Brandy were not only insensitive but also a lot cold for such a situation. The player has just died and whatever he has said during that situation was due to a lack of immense concern. He further mentioned that you can blame it on age as Brandt is 90. NFL just proved that they are just the business and nothing more. They also mentioned that they earn billion with a group of black athletes whom they can treat as cattle and not considered in any way.

Final Lines

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