The Equalizer Season 1 Dvd Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

The 1985 show The Equalizer returned to television this February. Earlier in January this year, the CBS television network announced their new drama series, The Equalizer, starring academy award nominee Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah, who had been in the limelight over all these years and the winner of Lifetime Achievement Award 2021 in The Bet Awards, has made her return on the television screens with the reimaging of the classic thriller and suspense series The Equalizer.

We have everything you should know about the series, including its release date, plot, cast and characters, trailer, and so much more.

The Equalizer Season 1 Release Date

With 11 episodes, the reimaging of the classic television series The Equalizer arrived on February 7, 2021. The last and the fascinating episode made an appearance on May 23, 2021. So far, the show has been loved by its fans.

The Equalizer Season 1 Cast

The Equalizer is a multicast show involving a divorced single mother who acts as a vigilante for justice and her teenage daughter. It also involves other people around them and some detectives involved in cases.

  • Queen Latifah plays the role of a divorced single mother named Robyn McCall, a.k.a THE EQUALIZER.
  • Laya DeLeon Hayes plays the role of Delilah, Robyn’s 15-year-old daughter
  • Tory kittles as Marcus Dante, a divorced father of two sons who wants Robin to help him
  • Liza lapira as melody, a former Air force Sniper and old friend of Robyn
  • Adam Goldberg plays Harry Keshegian, Melody’s Husband
  • Lorraine Toussaint plays Voila, Robyn’s paternal aunt
  • Chris Noth as William Bishop, an ex – CIA director and old friend of Robyn

Erica Camarano and Jennifer Ferrin will play a detective and a district attorney, respectively, and recurring in the show.


The Equalizer Season 1 Plot

When people were asked to define the plot of The Equalizer, they said justice, fighter, woman warrior, action heroine, one-woman army, and much more. With the tagline of the show “It takes a queen to equalize,” the show follows genres including action, crime, drama, mystery, and thriller.

Queen Latifah’s classic mystery show is based on the story of a divorced single mother who has been doing her best to help those with nowhere else to turn.

The protagonist Queen Latifah plays the role of Robyn McCall, an enigmatic African American woman who lives with her aunt and her 15-year-old daughter. She has a mysterious background but uses her extensive skills to become a vigilante for justice. To a few trusted people, she is THE EQUALIZER and anonymous guardian Angel, and a defender for those oppressed in problems.

The show further involves suspense, police, detectives, drama, and ultimate thrill that will bind the viewers to the screens.

The Trivia Related to the Equalizer

The Equalizer was originally broadcasted on the CBS television network for four seasons between 1985 and 1989. It starred Edward Woodward as the protagonist. The Equalizer franchise also follows two feature films with the same name. The first film debut was in 2014, following its sequel in 2018. Denzel Washington was the protagonist of multi starrer The Equalizer Film.

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The show involves Queen Latifah as the protagonist who has been the winner of the lifetime achievement award. She has also been nominated as an outstanding actress in a drama series for the black screen awards 2021.

The Equalizer 2021 reviews and ratings

The show has mixed responses from viewers and critics. While some have loved the front to the next level, some have criticized it a lot.

The Tomatometer has given 68% to the show saying, “Queen Latifah returns to the small screen in full command of her craft- if only the equaliser overly engineer early episode work on her level.”

The other famous critic IMDb has given a 4.8/10 rating to The Equalizer.

The Equalizer Season 1 Trailer

In January this year, the creators revealed the official trailer for The Equalizer. The trailer was full of thrill, action and gave chills to everyone who watched it. So if you are still in doubt whether or not to watch The Equalizer, you better put an eye on the trailer and then realize what extreme you are missing.

This was everything we knew regarding the show. We will follow up if there are further updates in the future of The Equalizer.


How many seasons are in THE EQUALIZER?

There is only 1 season in the equalizer as of now.

Who is in the lead of THE EQUALIZER?

Queen Latifah is the lead in the equalizer.

Where can we stream The Equalizer?


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