The Equalizer Season 3 Episode 7: Mel’s Bother And A Cliffhanger!

The Equalizer season 3: The Equalizer season 3 episode 7 is called “Paradise Lost,” and it airs tonight, November 27, 2022, on CBS. We have a recap of “Paradise Lost” below. According to the CW synopsis for tonight’s episode of The Equalizer, “After Misty (Kelly Rowland), a superstar singer deciding to retire receives a terrifying fan letter, her head of security engages McCall to track down the perpetrator.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great, so don’t miss our The Equalizer season 3 episode 7 recap.

The Equalizer Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

In The Equalizer season 3 episode 7, Viola, better known as Aunt Vi, discloses that she has learnt Delilah’s secret. Her great-niece, as she knows, was studying self-defence with Mel. She could have hurried to tell Delilah’s mother the news, but she chose not to. Not even Robyn was privy to the information. She and Delilah simply had a private conversation.

The teen was warned to tell the truth before she did. Vi didn’t want Delilah to lie to her mother, so she had a conversation with the teen and stressed the need of being honest with Robyn. Delilah promised to inform her mother. Just that she didn’t want to tell her right away. Robyn’s period of uncertainty lasted quite some time. The Equalizer season 3 episode 7 has some interesting twists.

Even more amazingly, Robyn accepted a new case in The Equalizer season 3 episode 7. A bodyguard came up to Robyn. The name Lucas belonged to the bodyguard. Backstage, someone had been leaving threatening messages for Lucas’s client, and he couldn’t seem to track down the sender. Misty was the patron in question. Basically, she was a global singing sensation. Even more damaging, she was called a diva by the media, and tabloids spread false information about her.

the equalizer season 3
the equalizer season 3

But in reality, she was rather pleasant. She treated others with compassion. She spoke out in favour of musical education. She helped those around her in need. She had to terminate the final two extra bodyguards that Lucas had recruited because they had been rough with her followers. Some of them later spoke ill of her to the media.

Misty was the last one left who required guarding. Someone was following her and drawing ever nearer. Lucas was anxious. He sought comfort in the Equalizer. He only asked that they keep Misty from finding out that they were there to protect her. Robyn and her team were thrust into the role of producer and camera crew.

Misty’s final tour was scheduled to be documented by the group. Misty has just declared her intention to leave the industry. She has worked in the industry for nearly two decades. She plans to take some time off to focus on dating and, perhaps, starting a family. In turn, this has provoked aggressive behaviour from her stalker.

Someone was hiding in the stall of Misty’s hotel. They made an effort to assault her. She fought them off and managed to escape. They got away, and Lucas wasn’t able to catch them. Even Harry was unable to locate them. The intruder chloroformed a security guard to come in.

Using a key card normally issued to the hotel’s housekeeper, they gained entry to Misty’s room as well. However, the cleaner wasn’t there. The stalker was not the only one at work. Grayson Bradley, the other stalker, has been identified. Currently, Misty has a restraining order in place against him.

Bradley’s ex-girlfriend also claimed that Misty was her favourite singer. He hoped that, with her forgiveness, he could win her back before she got engaged. He was so deluded that he imagined Misty would recognise his handwriting even though he didn’t sign the letters or include a return address. This guy lost his mind. Additionally, he was just apprehended. He was obviously not the one who tried to assault Misty in the stall.

Misty likes to drink tea. She consumes it on a regular basis. Before every show, she has it. This time, however, she decided to forego the ritual due to her anxiety and instead offered her assistant, Zara, her tea. Zara sipped the brew. When she drank the tea, she nearly passed out. It had been poisoned by someone. Someone with a vendetta against Misty altered the course of events for Robyn and her team.

They considered who may benefit most from Misty’s demise. The correct answer was her manager. As a manager, he had a lot of financial obligations. Additionally, he desired Misty’s signature on a new contract, which she flatly declined to do. She wanted to stop working. Even though the manager had recently employed a suspicious character he found on the internet, he was against the plan.

Even if Misty had never found out the truth in The Equalizer season 3 episode 7, it wouldn’t have made a difference. She didn’t find out until Elton admitted he wanted her killed and Robyn intervened. These two ladies were successful in calming him down. They informed him that his mother would be quite unhappy with this. Because of this, Elton attempted suicide, but he was prevented from doing so by Misty and Robyn.

After that, Misty held her final concert in The Equalizer season 3 episode 7, at which she properly credited the song’s original author.

However, Delilah’s secret has been revealed. She used self-defence on a kid in her class, and he broke his arm. Moreover, a recording was made of it. As soon as Robyn saw the footage, she knew that Mel had been secretly instructing her kid. Because of this, Robyn decided to put an end to it.

Mel didn’t ask Robyn for assistance because the two of them had fallen out of favour, but Robyn did offer to help when something happened to Mel’s brother in The Equalizer season 3 episode 7.

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