The Gift Season 3: Release date, Plot, Trailer, Cast, and Updates

The fans of the TV series “The Gift” are eagerly waiting for season 3 because it is going to air this month and here you will find out all the latest news about it.

After viewing the second season of this series, we know that there will be season 3 soon. Netflix has already released its trailer so we have many updates regarding this series, just keep on reading and you will get them.

Netflix’s original fantasy-based Turkish drama “The gift” was written by Jason George and Nuran Evren Sit. This series is adapted from the novel Dünyanın Uyanışı by Şengül Boybaş and has a very different story. Two seasons of this series have been released from December 27, 2019, to September 10, 2020. Now, the third season is going to air.

The popularity of this series is based on its special and interesting story that can attract anyone. Now, let’s talk about its plot.

What will we see in The Gift Season 3? Plot

The story revolves around the suspicious life of Atiya. In the beginning, she was living a perfect life as a painter with her loving family and reliable boyfriend in Istanbul. She was also going to become a successful woman by releasing her first solo exhibition. But things got changed when the archeologist discovered something in the ancient temple on Earth, called “Gobeklitepe”. That discovery matches with her painting, thoughts, and her past life. Then, Atiya turned her life around and started to find ways to know about her past life and the mysterious symbol. According to her, she is special and got a gift that will help mankind.

In the next season, The Gift Season 3, the story will follow the daughter of Atiya who will get special powers in the form of a gift. She will be the chosen one like her mother but not be able to manage and control these powers. Atiya and Erhan will try to protect her from the bad world, which will want to misuse her powers. These powers have a link with the symbol seen in the previous seasons.

 When will the trailer of The Gift Season 3 arrive and where to watch it?

The good news is, Netflix has already released the trailer of The Gift Season 3. If you didn’t watch it yet, then here is the link.

In the trailer, we saw the daughter of Atiya, who was kidnapped in childhood. Both Atiya and her husband Erhan tried to find her daughter. Amazingly, her daughters have powers like contacting someone through dreams. Then by seeing her powers, Zuhr said, “She will change the world”.

By knowing all this we can say that the next season is going to be exciting, interesting, powerful, and mysterious. Maybe the previous open-ended mysteries will be solved in this new series.

What will be the cast members of The Gift Season 3?

Netflix has not officially announced the cast of season 3 yet but they are going to release it soon. For now, we have anticipated some cast members from the previous seasons, which should be added to the new series.

  • Beren Saat as Atiye.
  • Metin Akdülger as Ozan.
  • Mehmet Günsür as Erhan.
  • Melisa Şenolsun as Cansu/Elif.
  • Civan Canova as Mustafa.
  • Başak Köklükaya as Serap.
  • Tim Seyfi as Serdar
  • Meral Çetinkaya as Zuhre

Through the trailer, we come to know that we will see more new characters, which are added to make the series more captivating and fresh.

The Gift Season 3
The Gift Season 3

Where can you watch this series?

This is Netflix’s original series, so as for now, it will only be available on Netflix. You have to buy a subscription for it, then you can watch it. And this subscription will give you a good benefit that you can avail yourself by using one app on multiple devices as per your timetable.

When will it premiere? – Trailer

The fans are desperately waiting for the release of season 3 because both seasons of this series have attracted so much audience. The secrets of the past, mysteries, power, and ancient temples had made the audience crazy about it.

After Season 2 in September 2020, we thought that the next season would at least take a complete year to release. But it’s highly impressive, the production company has made their process so fast in fact during the pandemic condition. They are going to release the next season within ten months right after season 2.

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Netflix has announced the release date of The Gift Season 3 and it is going to premiere on June 17, 2021, after ten days. 

So, the wait is almost over now and I’m going to get my plans ready by then, you should also set your timetable and ready the popcorn for an amazing mystery night.

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