The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Release Date Status, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

The Hook Up Plan is a humorous web television series that follows Marseille as the second French series made for Netflix. The Hook Up Plan is a Netflix comedy series made in France that presently has two accessible seasons, with many fans asking if season three would be released soon this year or not.

The story brings the Laugh-out-loud moments of Elsa, a Parisian woman, who got stuck on her ex two years after they broke up in this Netflix original. Her friends devise a ridiculous plan to help her out of her rut by hiring an escort to take her on a few dates in order to boost her confidence.

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The only problem is that the plan works too well, and the ultimate result is a hilarious comedy from beginning to end. Overall the series kept the audience engaged throughout with the light entertainment. It gained appreciation from all over that is the reason it marked the score of 7.2/10 on IMDb. Season 1 premiered on December 7, 2018, followed by Season 2 on October 11, 2019. On August 26, 2020, Netflix released a special program about the COVID-19 outbreak in France. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting whether three will be released in the coming year or not? Let us discuss this in detail.


The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, The Hook Up Plan Season 3 has yet to receive an official release date from Netflix, but confirmation of when the eagerly anticipated final installment will be released could surface at any time. This is anyone’s guesstimate, although holding out for a debut this year is really not crazy.

Netflix has simply announced the renewal of the show. The release date of The Hook Up Plan Season 3 has not been officially updated. So yet, there is no information on season 3 of The Hook Up Plan. It’s because the show’s makers haven’t revealed any details or information about the third season.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3
The Hook Up Plan Season 3

If we think of the possibility, it may arrive somewhere in the year 2022. Earlier it was expected to hit the screens this year only, but this seems pretty difficult now. So, it is safe to assume that there are high chances of season 3 premiere in 2022. However, for the exact details, we have to wait for the official announcement on the same.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Cast

There has been no official announcement on who will join the cast of Season 3 of The Hook Up Plan. Since nothing has been confirmed, it’s safe to presume that all the key players will be back in the squad, along with some newcomers who will try to bring the enjoyment to the next level.

For Season 3 of The Hook Up Plan, Zita Hanrot will undoubtedly reprise her role as Elsa. Sabrina Ouazani, Joséphine Dra, Marc Ruchmann, and many others performed admirably on the show and there are high chances that they will return to the show. As the performance of the cast was remarkable, it is highly expected that season 3 will give the chance again to the originals to take the story towards an interesting end.

The other reason for the return of the original cast is the story’s continuation. As we know that season 3 would be the last in the series, that is why there seems to be no room for outsiders. But the decision of the makers will be final, and we are waiting to see what they actually bring for the fans of the show.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Plot

As we know, the show has been commissioned for the third installment, And, it is really no surprise that fans are eager to see what happens in The Hook Up Plan Season 3 after the shocking reveal at the end of the second batch of episodes. Unfortunately, no storyline details have been released by Netflix, and an official synopsis is unlikely to be released until much closer to the release date of the season.

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The series will most likely continue to its formula that works and not stray too far from its self-described Love Actually however without Hugh Grant’s atmosphere, which has worked so well thus far. Whatever happens in season 3 of The Hook Up Plan, fans would not want to miss a single second of it to see how everything ends. For now, we have to wait for the official announcement on this. But one thing is assured, the makers will definitely bring something different through an interesting storyline for the excited fans.

The Hook Up Plan Season 3 Trailer

Till now, there is no update on the release date of season 3. Hence there is no trailer out yet, As according to trends, we will have to wait and see until the first reviews appear. If you have missed the previous two seasons, it can be enjoyed on Netflix. We will be sure to share any Netflix teasers as soon as they are available. For more such updates on your favorite shows, keep following us.

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