The Initial Classified Balloon Report Wasn Marked As Urgent Which Drew Criticism

Military and intelligence officials familiar with the matter told CNN that the Defense Intelligence Agency quietly transmitted an internal alert indicating a foreign object was going towards US territory the day before the alleged Chinese surveillance balloon entered US airspace over Alaska.

The “tipper” report was sent across secure channels throughout the United States government. It was reportedly seen by high-ranking defence and intelligence officials, but they weren’t immediately frightened because it wasn’t marked as an urgent warning.

The United States did not view the item as an urgent threat but rather as an opportunity to observe and collect intelligence.

Once the balloon crossed into Alaskan airspace on January 28 and abruptly turned south, investigators began to suspect that it was headed towards the centre of the United States and possibly had espionage intentions.

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The Chinese Surveillance Balloon Is A Part Of A Far Larger Scheme That Spans Five Continents

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken disclosed that the United States believes the purported Chinese spy balloon shot down over the weekend was part of a broad surveillance programme designed to gather intelligence from targets worldwide.

Blinken said the administration was already discussing the findings of the U.S. intelligence community with America’s allies and Congress at a press conference she co-hosted with the head of NATO.

Blinken explained that “senior administration officials are on the Hill this week” and that the United States had already shared information with dozens of countries through its Washington embassies.

We’re taking this action because “this bigger programme has breached the sovereignty of governments spanning five continents,” not just the United States.

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