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Briefly Teased King of Fighters NFT Project All but Disappears After Fan Backlash

Though SNK shocked fans this morning by announcing Team Awakened Orochi for The King of Fighters 15, a later reveal took the internet by even greater surprise, and not in a good way.

Cryptocof is the name of a brand-new Twitter account.  Since the online backlash from fans last night, a website that claimed to be working on an “officially authorized” NFT project for SNK based on their fighting game franchise has vanished.

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King of Fighters NFT Project Briefly Revealed

While the original post and video showed a room filled with arcade games labeled “King of Fighters Crypto” on crypto screens, they didn’t go into much detail about the experience of King of Fighters itself.

For a variety of reasons, including a negative perception of SNK on the NFT bandwagon at a time when the crypto market has been rough, people quickly took to the comments and other parts of the Internet to share their displeasure with the announcement.

Others questioned whether or not the King of Fighters NFT project was a scam, but the fact that the SNK Global account retweeted the CryptoKOF post (before it was deleted) suggests that it is legitimate. However, the CryptoKitties Twitter account (which only had a few followers and no other posts) changed its status to protected after only a few hours, making the announcement inaccessible to the general public.

Many SNK accounts, including the SNK Global Twitter page, have been dropping hints about a King of Fighters NFT project called CryptoKOF. Yet, at the time of its announcement, nothing more than a short trailer and a Twitter account (which has since protected its tweets) were available for the project. Although specifics are still being worked out, the project will pair SNK with an NFT marketing firm based in Shanghai.

The King of Fighters

The one-minute trailer features scenes from a distant future city that has little to do with the King of Fighters canon. Towards the end of the clip, we get a close-up of a retro arcade featuring a number of arcade cabinets sporting the “King of Fighters Crypto” logo. After that, the video displays the Japanese words for “Remember Every Time You See The Moon.” There’s a chance they’re alluding to the King of Fantasy spin-off novel and manga.

Inexplicably, despite being “officially authorized,” the now-locked CryptoKOF Twitter account has only a handful of followers and no other tweets. Metawave, a Shanghai-based NFT firm, is also working with SNK on this. On the contrary, the history of the company’s crypto-related projects is poorly documented. Moreover, it seems like this company has nothing to do with the Netmarble King of Fighters Arena NFT project that was recently announced.

For some time now, SNK has offered KOF NFTs for purchase. In order to sell NFTs of its most popular fighters from KOF and its other franchises, the company has partnered with OnBuff, a marketplace for NFTs. There has been a general uptick in the number of Japanese video game publishers dabbling in the cryptocurrency market, and this is just one example of that trend. Square Enix, Konami, and Bandai Namco are just a few recent examples. We stumbled upon what seems to be a cryptocurrency-related website, but it only has a static front page and none of the links work.

As of this writing, very little is known about the project beyond the fact that it has been linked to a company in Shanghai specializing in NFT marketing called metawave. It is also unclear whether the decision to retract the announcement was made in response to fan backlash. It’s not like this is the first time SNK has tried to form a partnership to acquire cryptocurrency.

SNK has partnered with onbuff to sell NFTs based on their popular fighting game and Metal Slug characters, and in May, King of Fighters Allstar, makers of Netmarble, teased a King of Fighters Arena NFT project. Since the Cryptocof Twitter account has been locked down rather than deleted, we can expect to hear from the NFT team again in the near future. The inclusion of such NFTs in SNK’s flagship console/PC game is the ultimate concern, but at this time, there are no indications that this will occur.

Project CryptoKOF NFT, based on the popular fighting game series, is currently in the works. No definite date of release has been set.

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